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Safe Travels

After an exhausting month, and following an exhausting day, I dropped the girl off at school and headed to the beach. I had about an hour before I was to teach. I walked for a little bit, then sat in … Continue reading

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Is Your Kid the Welcoming Kind?

One day when Riley was in third grade, I met her on the playground after school and she fell into my arms, sobbing. “Why doesn’t anyone like me?” No one had made fun of her. No one had shoved her … Continue reading

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Parents….you are enough.

While in LA, I met up with some friends, (more on them in a later post) who mentioned Elaine Hall of The Miracle Project. I was familiar with Hall because I’d done a review on Autism the Musical for Age … Continue reading

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Being Fluid

The best, most valuable lesson I have learned from having a child on the autism spectrum is: be flexible. I don’t get it right every time, but over the last several years, I have learned  to get it right the … Continue reading

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There is a sweetness in the air today. Seth got up early and hung out with HT while he got ready for work. They had breakfast, while Riley and I slept. I came downstairs to a fed, happy boy. HT … Continue reading

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It had been a long week. Too many appointments. Not enough down time. HT had to work the weekend, and yesterday I woke, not quite wanting to climb back into my life. “When is your next day off?” I mumbled … Continue reading

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Homeschool Co-Op

This is Riley, (below right), enjoying a quiet lunch with two other girls at the homeschool co-op. The three of them decided to excuse themselves from the busy gym and eat in one of the classrooms. “Mom, can I go … Continue reading

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Standing in Another Hollywood-istic Place

Just over two hours ago I woke my husband from a sound sleep and told him I couldn’t take it anymore. Riley had been sick all night, (tummy trouble associated with autism)and though he took the first shift, and was … Continue reading

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Dogs and Kids

Yippee likes to sleep with his nose in Seth’s armpit. Eventually he comes up for air. Little Man loves his dog. And then, we have the girls. Jingle was over at her BFF’s the other day,(they like to romp together … Continue reading

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Clay 2011

After our first disastrous run at homeschool clay class last year, I was afraid to ever go back. What seems to be true though…. is some of our most tumultuous moments appear to stick with me, way longer than they … Continue reading

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Driving in the Snow

Driving in the snow, I look in my rearview and talk to the kids. “You know, I’m lucky. I had a really awful beat up car when I was young. It had a big dent in the side. Sometimes I … Continue reading

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First Grade Sleep Competition

HT accompanied Seth’s class on a field trip today. There was cow milking and ice cream making. It was a fall festival type of thing. The kids were out in the fresh air all day. They ate bagged lunches. On … Continue reading

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Man at the Market

I took Jingle to the Farmer’s Market yesterday morning. After tactfully extricating myself from a conversation with my Mennonite friend who was adament animals have no souls, I walked around with purpose, gathering my wares. -Beets -Potatoes -Onions -Bread -Butter “Good … Continue reading

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Add it to the list of questions I can’t answer…

From Seth “Why did they even invent the letter F when PH makes the fuh sound?”

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Too Much Togetherness

Day six of being together 24/7 in a small hotel suite. I can feel myself gasping for breath. Not literally, but I do feel a slow suffocation. I’m out of my element. We can’t go out to eat (per Seth’s health … Continue reading

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