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Got Milk Pants?

Those of you who read Jingle’s page know she was featured in a Fetching Tags contest a while back. Her taglines were “Comfort & Joy” for her collar, and “I’m Here For Riley” for her harness. Jen, of Fetching Tags … Continue reading

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Dance on over…

to Hopeful Parents today, would ‘ya? You can read about my boy. No, the video has nothing to do with the HP post, but I would be thrilled if it got you groovin’ a bit this fine day. Keb’ Mo’.  Having … Continue reading

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Moving in the Right Direction

Since I talked with the campers last week, Riley has been jumping out of bed, getting dressed (in fly outfits, complete with accessories) with zero prodding, and she’s raring to go each morning. She is having a great time. Being understood is a good thing. … Continue reading

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One Foot in Front of the Other

   ~~ I’d been itchin’ to get out in nature. Every place we’ve lived over the last ten years, I have found it. Hiking trails. Streams. Trees. Oh the trees. I love them so much. I got teary looking at a … Continue reading

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Walking the Tightrope

Second day of camp, I pick them up and Riley’s been in the office for the last hour. Her eyes are red. She’s spent. She won’t talk about it. Todd is home, so we drop Seth off, and I take my girl … Continue reading

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On Camp

“Camp is kind of like school, except they don’t try to kill your creativity.”                                                            -Riley

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Off to Camp

                                  Three hours a day, for the next four weeks. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.

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Happy Father’s Day

                                                                          To my baby daddy. Thank you. Love.

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Feeling Lost

Two days ago, we had a couple of hours to kill before the kids’ last dance class of the season. Since dance is close to the Botanical Gardens, and since we have a season pass, we decided to spend some … Continue reading

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The Morning Song, Rickie Byars-Beckwith

One of the most poignant moments during the recent Great Lakes Unity Music Conference was when Rickie Byars-Beckwith asked if anyone had recently experienced the transition of a loved one. Two women stepped forward, both from our local Unity congregation. Both … Continue reading

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Somewhere in the darkness there’s a glowing that sounds buzzing to your ear It’s a friendly little fly that lights up its rear It’s a very friendly firefly that shines up the night And when they go they still light … Continue reading

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From Emmanuel’s Book

Each of you is a portion of God saying, “I will create.” It is quite impossible to recall at what point in your existence you, as part of God, decided to become human.

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So far, summer has been fantastic with a capital F! Hee-hee. It has been so nice to have some freedom. No schedule to adhere to (at least not until camp starts). I’ve given myself a pool pass as in, I’m not taking … Continue reading

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We Want the Funk

Riley got two different Glee CD’s for her birthday. We were in the car a lot today and it was the first time I’d listened to them. Some of the lyrics are a bit “mature” for my sweet little petunia, and … Continue reading

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Riley’s Party at Cleveland’s Botanical Gardens

Today was Riley’s 10th birthday celebration and we did a low key party, at The Cleveland Botanical Gardens. We invited only as many as our two cars could carry, and a couple couldn’t make it, so it was just five besides Riley and … Continue reading

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Pretty Woman

Flipping through the channels, we accidently get sucked into Pretty Woman on TBS. We hadn’t seen it in forever. George Castanza is in Pretty Woman? And so is Laura San Giacomo! Who knew? Doesn’t she have a kid with autism? Maybe I’m … Continue reading

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Smart Girl/Sticky Situation

  Yesterday, Ms. Riley was invited to an impromptu last day of school celebration at one of her friend’s houses. There were ten little girls. I walked her over to the school to meet the girls and then we all walked … Continue reading

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Tucking Seth in on his last day of first grade

“So how was your last day of school?” “Good.” “Did your teacher yell at anyone?”  FYI his teacher in not one to yell at anyone ever…I just live to make him laugh with the irony of my questions. He’s used to … Continue reading

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Mennonite in a Little Black Dress

Buy it. Read it. Laugh your hiney off.   P.S. My new favorite word is “vainglorious.”

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She’s Back

                        After feeling progressively worse for the last six months or so, our beautiful daughter is back. The sweetness is back. Two weeks ago she could not climb this play … Continue reading

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