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Families of children and young adults with disabilities were asked what they might have told themselves on the day their child was diagnosed. This is what they said.(One of them is HT).

Thank you Elizabeth Aquino for doing this project. Your contribution about Sophie’s eyes gave me chills and made me cry.

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BPA FREE SEALANTS How one dentist’s arrogance sealed the deal

About a year ago, I had the kids at the dentist and she recommended sealants for Seth’s teeth. I told her I’d look into them. So of course I did my research and learned that some sealants have Bisphenol-A ¬†(BPA) … Continue reading

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We Might Need to Retire the Wig

For the second day in a row, Riley has come home from school, finished her snack and got cracking on her homework. It’s as if she enjoys it. She’s so stoked to do it. She loves crossing all the things … Continue reading

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Random Snapshots

Friday, the alarm woke me up and I stumbled into the bathroom. Riley was already in there, brushing her teeth. I grabbed my toothbrush and joined her, me in boxer shorts and a white t-shirt. She in her pj’s. She … Continue reading

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Non-violence as a response to political hate on Facebook

Last year. She knelt before me, placing her hands on my feet. She was giving me Reiki, a free service offered to anyone who decides to plunk down in a chair in the back of the church service and receive … Continue reading

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New Beginnings

Riley went to school today. She started 7th grade at a small private school designed for kids with high functioning autism. She has a dream of going to high school (she thinks it will be like Glee), and in order … Continue reading

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Because, who wants Rep. Todd Akin to be part of your pedi experience?

Riley and her Gramma¬†went for pedis today. It was my mother’s first pedicure ever. Riley had a male technician, and during the pedi she starting leaning over toward my mother saying, “This is inappropriate.” My mom thought maybe she was … Continue reading

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My Mother is Arriving Today

My mother is coming to visit today. I pick her up at the airport this afternoon. She will be here for five days. Riley and Seth are excited. They don’t really know her much, and truly, she only knows them … Continue reading

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For Riley, who’s secretly been reading my blog on her iPod. And who sometimes feels sad that she can’t swim as well as other kids her age. And who sometimes wishes she never had autism. I love you. You are … Continue reading

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On the Mend

I have never seen Todd sick like he was on Friday. He looked frail and small. He is stoic. He never gets sick. After eight days of being sick, he agreed to go to the ER, and when he agreed … Continue reading

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My Love

My darling has been feeling very sick for the last ten days. He’s in the hospital and they are trying to figure it out. I’d like to lasso Infinite love and beam it into Todd’s hospital room. Surround him in … Continue reading

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