Yoga Instruction

She wasn’t the first and she won’t be the last. In September of 2013, a loving, devoted mother snapped and attempted to kill herself and her autistic daughter after years of struggling to care for her often violent child.

My child with autism was never violent. She never harmed or threatened me or her brother.  She was always able to tell me what she needed, where it hurt, what she wanted. And even still there were times I felt so desperate, so helpless, I didn’t know how we would survive.

Kelli Stapleton’s tragic case, was the impetus that made me sign up for yoga teacher training.

I’d practiced yoga for a long time and knew it helped me as a mom, but I didn’t quite see myself as a teacher. I wasn’t young and lithe and super bendy. I didn’t do advanced poses.

But I could help.

Guiding parents of children with special needs in their yoga practice is an honor for me. To see them come in stressed, and to see them leave in a much different place, is moving.  As I hold sacred space for them, I too am healed.

We love our children so much. We also need to love and nurture ourselves.

I love teaching all ages, shapes, sizes, colors and fitness levels. I teach slow-flow, Yin, chair yoga, and power yoga. I love teaching beginners.

I teach a 10AM “Soulful Sunday” gentle vinyasa class at Beyond Fitness in Delray. I also teach regularly at a private beach club, a large apartment complex, corporate venues, and in private homes. I volunteer for Connected Warriors, (a free yoga program for Veterans) and Connection Coalition, (formerly Yoga Gangsters), bringing yoga to at-risk youth.

Sign up for private instruction via Rooster.

Call 216-800-2098 or email for more information.

Come, take a breath with me!

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