I somehow lost my password to my blog, and could not for the life of me figure out how to recover it. All logical ways of resetting it were not working and so…I put it off, and put it off, and put it off…and finally just this week, figured it out with the help of HT and a man named Thomas at Liquid Web. I’m not ashamed to admit, I told Thomas, “You ‘da man!” Because he was.

Some folks have asked for an update, so here goes. We’ve been in Florida a year and four months. Riley completed her program at the school we moved here for in May, and has entered a regular public high school, a large one, and is doing extremely well. The things we hoped her school last year would help her with, it did. She is mainstreamed, without an aide in the class, though there is support should she need it. She has friends. She is in two after school clubs. She is truly making her way.

Seth is at a sweet private school (both kids changed schools again this year as we moved to get Riley into the public school with the good rep). He is happy and healthy. Still has tics, but isn’t too bothered by them. We thought we moved to FL for the girl, but the Florida sunshine seems to be a big benefit for him, keeping him healthy. Lots of time outside. He’s playing flag football and soccer.

I graduated Yoga Teacher training in January and this year it has been all about gaining teaching experience. I have taught my group of autism moms for the last nine months at a cafe. I am teaching at a gym. I am teaching on the roof of our apartment building twice a week(and getting a chunk taken off our rent for it..score)! I have taught at a resort, at a boutique, at a martial arts dojo. I have taught for Connected Warriors(free yoga for veterans and their families), and I am set to teach a Yoga Gangsters class starting this weekend(for kids in foster care). I am also blogging for the yoga studio I got my training at called Yoga Journey and I work the desk there once a week. It sounds like a lot, but many of these have just been one time subbing deals, so I’m not overwhelmed and am keeping my schedule in check.

We had a horrible commute last year, but that is over. Things seems to be settling down and falling into place. I underestimated how hard moving to Florida would be, but I feel like I’m getting my legs under me a bit.

HT is still cute and good. This is him at breakfast this morning. The palm trees are a reflection in the window behind him. He likes ketchup. He likes it a lot.

boca brooklyn

Not a ton to report. For those who have inquired, thanks for asking. It’s nice to know you think of us. I hope everyone who has ever read this blog finds themselves happy and healthy today, and always. As they say in the yoga world, Namaste!