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Let the Dogs Speak!

I first met Marianne McKiernan when she contacted me to do a story for the news organization she works for in Denver. She is a service dog puppy raiser as well as a reporter and her dog-in-training, Rocket, had a mad … Continue reading

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Jingle’s tail has seen better days. The week before last at homeschool co-op, she was sitting on her mat, minding her own business, hoping some kid would drop a sandwich at lunch, when all hell broke loose. Someone walked by, … Continue reading

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Two Years Together

Thank you to everyone who helped bring Jingle to Riley. We will never forget your generosity.

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Treat Him Like a Rottweiler

We were having a problem with Jingle. She’d started to become aggressive with other dogs when we were out on walks. She used to love every dog in the neighborhood. Now she’s snarling at them, showing her teeth, the second … Continue reading

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Living in Technicolor: An autistic’s thoughts on raising a child with autism By Lydia Wayman

Many of you know Lydia, of the blog Autistic Speaks. Lydia is a young woman with autism and she has a new book out, full of wonderful information for parents of kids on the spectrum. It isn’t a how-to, but … Continue reading

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Jingle is soooo famous

A puppy in Denver has a mad crush on Jingle. Read about it here.

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Talking about the service dog,

over at Hopeful Parents today. I won’t lie, I’m hoping everyone over there at HP will get a service dog for their child(ren). I’ve been sending Carrie e-mail pics of dogs for close to a year now, trying to convince her to … Continue reading

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Man at the Market

I took Jingle to the Farmer’s Market yesterday morning. After tactfully extricating myself from a conversation with my Mennonite friend who was adament animals have no souls, I walked around with purpose, gathering my wares. -Beets -Potatoes -Onions -Bread -Butter “Good … Continue reading

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Cute Dog Pictures

Some pictures from 4 Paws today. These puppies are in a kennel, right in the same room we do our training. They are so stinking cute I can’t stand it!  They play wild, wild, wild, and then they all plop down at … Continue reading

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Day 1 at 4 Paws

Read about it on the service dog page!

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Off We Go!

After almost a year of waiting we leave tomorrow to meet  Riley’s service dog. The bags are packed. The groceries are bought, the cat/house sitter arrives in the morning(poor cats, they’ve never met a dog in their lives)! I honestly have very … Continue reading

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