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All you unmarried gals, see what you’re missing?

Drying off from my shower, HT is stretched out on the bed. We’re chatting, all light hearted when I catch a glimpse of toes. His toenails specifically. “Your toenails are atrocious, and they’re a hazard,” I scowl. “A hazard to … Continue reading

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And to think I almost didn’t stop at the BMV

I had some running around to do, and driving down the road, out of the corner of my eye, I saw The Bureau of Motor Vehicles as I passed it. My birthday is coming up and my license expires on … Continue reading

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Treat Him Like a Rottweiler

We were having a problem with Jingle. She’d started to become aggressive with other dogs when we were out on walks. She used to love every dog in the neighborhood. Now she’s snarling at them, showing her teeth, the second … Continue reading

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Glee – You’re on Notice

Shuffling out of my bedroom still half asleep, I’m greeted by my bright-eyed tween with her usual morning after questions. “Did you watch Glee?” It’s our Tuesday night assignment. She can’t watch Glee ’til we’ve watched Glee and screened it. … Continue reading

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Glee’s Depiction of “Asperger’s” DISGUSTING

“I have self-diagnosed Asperger’s so I can pretty much say whatever I want…I’m pretty much like a diplomat’s daughter.” Then the character proceeds to be an obnoxious no talent brat. Yo Glee. WTF? My kid’s not going to understand this. … Continue reading

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Let’s go outside…

I’ve been to the Botanical Gardens dozens of times and somehow never saw her before. She’s huge. How could I have missed her? Did they trim back the foliage around her, exposing her? Or was I simply more present this … Continue reading

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Lice and Mosquitos and Rashes and Colds

Three days into summer camp, Seth was sick. Riley followed. I shook my fist! Four weeks is all I get, and they’re home? Poor me! We ended up missing a lice outbreak. A few weeks ago, two Wednesdays in a … Continue reading

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Plant based cooking class in Cleveland

Rebecca caters a lot of the functions at our church and her food is always yummy and good. Check out her blog here. Call to register: 440-225-2729

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That’s a Pretty Good Monkey

Things have felt a little too serious around here lately. Francis needs to lighten up. I’m going to go work on my monkey impression, do some singin’ and figure out how to work my computer. TTYL

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Daughter of the Drunk at the Bar Video Trailer

When I think about my main audience for Daughter of the Drunk at the Bar it is, obviously, adult children of alcoholics. We’re everywhere. It is with this group in mind I made a video trailer for my book. (All … Continue reading

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Remembering 9/11

Riley was 15 months old when 9/11 happened. As a result of those horrible events, I decided I didn’t want to bring another child into this scary world. Seth came anyway. Ten years already. The sky was so blue. We … Continue reading

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Judgy Wudgy Was Amusing

There are people in our life who think we’re too “out there.” With our organic, chemical free food. Our homeschooling. Our limited TV time. Our lack of the latest technological doo-dads. Our old cars. Our second generation smells like dog … Continue reading

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Children Get Older (…but just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you have to do it. If everyone else were jumping off a bridge, would you do it too)?

At nine, he’s Lego and Harry Potter and Indiana Jones and MJ moves. He’s more generous and patient than I’ll ever be. He’s never been cruel, not a second in his life. He always holds the door open for people, … Continue reading

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Big Fun and Mac’s Backs After Tommy’s

We went to the Coventry area for dinner tonight. It was too hot to cook. Attached to the wonderful Tommy’s restaurant is the infamous Mac’s Backs. A local independent. A Cleveland establishment. I brought some of my bumper stickers and … Continue reading

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Living in Technicolor: An autistic’s thoughts on raising a child with autism By Lydia Wayman

Many of you know Lydia, of the blog Autistic Speaks. Lydia is a young woman with autism and she has a new book out, full of wonderful information for parents of kids on the spectrum. It isn’t a how-to, but … Continue reading

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