Parents….you are enough.

While in LA, I met up with some friends, (more on them in a later post) who mentioned Elaine Hall of The Miracle Project. I was familiar with Hall because I’d done a review on Autism the Musical for Age of Autism a couple of years back. It is a wonderful documentary. So she was on my mind when I got home, and I googled her, and up pops her blog with this gorgeous message: “Dayenu.”

For Hall’s full post on this video click here.

Take a breath.

Then another.

We are all enough.


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2 Responses to Parents….you are enough.

  1. Kathy says:

    Michelle… The tears that surprised my eyes as I watched and listened made me realize that I carry around the fear that I’ve not done enough for my son as well. Now perhaps I can let those go for good. Thank you. Dayenu.

  2. Chris says:

    Perfect… You are enough Michelle…

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