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Safe Travels

After an exhausting month, and following an exhausting day, I dropped the girl off at school and headed to the beach. I had about an hour before I was to teach. I walked for a little bit, then sat in … Continue reading

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The Only Way Out is Through

Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith of the Agape International Spiritual Center often tells the story of a chick inside an egg. He says at first it’s pretty comfy in there. It has everything it needs. Enough to eat. Lots of room. … Continue reading

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Blatant Suffering

I went to a Yin Yoga workshop recently with a Buddhist teacher named Sarah Powers. She explained that in Buddhist philosophy, it is a given that suffering happens in life. No one gets out unscathed. So, there is suffering. But … Continue reading

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Rampage of Appreciation

There is a little park in the neighborhood where our son goes to school. The school is about 30 minutes away from home. I drive all over the place teaching, and often there is a window, sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes … Continue reading

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Parents….you are enough.

While in LA, I met up with some friends, (more on them in a later post) who mentioned Elaine Hall of The Miracle Project. I was familiar with Hall because I’d done a review on Autism the Musical for Age … Continue reading

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All is well….

Green mat, third in on the left, closest row. I’m in LA. Typing this from my balcony on the 17th floor. The picture was taken yesterday at 7AM from my friend Kathy’s room. We are at the Agape International Spiritual … Continue reading

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Fill in the ________.

One of the songs we are doing in Windsong this season is called Stand. One of the lyrics in Stand is… “It starts with a whisper, the smallest I am.” When we were working on this song in rehearsal my … Continue reading

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Mrs. W.

Mrs. W. was the lunch lady at my elementary school. She was mean and everyone hated her. She was obese, with a softball sized goiter and a severe hunchback. Her eyes bugged out in that unattended thyroid kind of way. … Continue reading

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You Are That, From the Chandogya Upanishad, Chapter 6

Click here to read a beautiful passage of a father teaching his child Who He Is. My babies…you are part of everything good and beautiful. Integral parts of the larger whole. Oh the glorious beauty of words. Oh the endless … Continue reading

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My Friend at the Market

We get our produce, milk and bread from a man at a local farmer’s market. I thought he was Amish, but  turns out he’s Mennonite. I had bit of a Seinfeld moment when I found out… “I thought I was getting … Continue reading

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Sometimes while waiting in traffic, or on an airplane, or at a cash register, I find myself getting all wound up. Patience isn’t my first reaction. But I have a little trick that helps if I remember to use it.  I look around at the … Continue reading

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