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SISIS Quarterly Newsletter

When Riley was a wee screaming peanut, we met Stacey, a young occupational therapist who would change our lives. She was the first one to take us seriously about Riley’s intense meltdowns. She explained sensory integration dysfunction and talked to us about what it might feel … Continue reading

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Girls On the Run, Albuquerque

“At Girls on the Run I’ve learned more about being nicer, and health, and discovering what makes you unique. It makes me feel happy when I’m running and it’s also a fun experience.”                                                – Riley, 10 years old Last … Continue reading

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Read more about our Lilith Fair experience,

over at Hopeful Parents.  xo Love.

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No More Drama

Last night we did something crazy. We went to Lilith Fair. Outdoor concert, six hours long. Loud. Both kids did AWESOME. I was there for Marty and Emily of the Dixie Chicks Courtyard Hounds.  So much more to say about … Continue reading

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“Maybe a singer, an astronaut, an artist, a wisdom teacher, an actor, a fashion designer, a mom…”

HT took the kids to the Great Lakes Science Center and came home with these photos.   Of course upon seeing Riley in a space suit I thought of Temple Grandin’s quote. The one where she refers to NASA as “the largest sheltered … Continue reading

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Child of this Universe, Faith Rivera

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Handy dandy travel tip for vacations with children

                We have a bin, up high in the hall closet where tchatchkes go after they’ve been home 24-48 hours. Every little prize from the doctor or dentist. Every cheapo toy incentive from a … Continue reading

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Memoir Writing Intensive with Jennifer Lauck

I started this blog because author Jennifer Lauck suggested I do so. I was one of her first writing students, and at my second or third workshop, she said all of us should be blogging. Oh, the thrill, the first time … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania 6-5000

At camp this year the children learned about the music of Bali, Greece and the 1940’s. Thus, I give you Pensylvania 6-5000, in a toga.

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Cool As a Cute Little Cucumber

Today was the last day of music camp for the kids. The end of camp performance, Zeus Lost in Cleveland featured none other than Riley O’Neil in the female lead role of the Greek Goddess Herra. This morning, she woke up early … Continue reading

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a flutter

At church on Sunday, Riley was very snugly. She’s so calm there. She seems to enjoy sitting with her family, taking in the message, enjoying the meditation, Jingle at her feet. So we were sitting there, side by side, my arm around … Continue reading

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Why is this boy smiling?

  A) Because he adores his mother, and especially loves her taking pictures of him. B) Because his mother is beautiful. C) He’s in a state of appreciation for all his mother does for him. D) He’s forsaken his mother, developed a … Continue reading

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A Regular Hootenanny

Last night I went to a party thrown by Karen, the music director of Windsong, and her partner Holly. That’s Karen in the Windsong shirt under the lights, with Windsong singers Sarah and Amanda. It wasn’t just Windsong there, but we … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Different

I found this video while trolling author Laura Munson’s blog roll. It is a montage of many, many beautiful faces. All beautiful. All different. The differences are what make us beautiful. Amen.   *The Beauty of Different, a book by Karen … Continue reading

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Art is to Todd, as sports are to Michelle

We had about an hour before we needed to pick up the kids at half-day camp. We were looking for a cafe’. He didn’t want to go to a coffee house. The diner wasn’t yet open. I suggested The Cleveland … Continue reading

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Weird Inspiration

At the fireworks the other night, J & V, two little girls who live on our street showed up donned all in black, like ninjas. They’d taped glo-sticks all over themselves and were walking around in the dark. They set up camp near … Continue reading

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My Apologies to Kelle Hampton

There is an opportunity for healing here. Recently I began following the amazingly beautiful blog of, Kelle Hampton. She’s a professional photographer. Her pictures are gorgeous. She has a little tow-headed three year old daughter, and the most exquisite baby girl born just … Continue reading

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July 4th

This morning, the kids took part in the Fourth of July bike parade on our block. Much care was taken to decorate the scooters in red white & blue streamers, USA signs, and patriotic elephants. Riley had her outfit planned … Continue reading

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Sometimes a girl just likes to dream about beautiful kitchens…

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen yesterday. My tiny, tired, and get ready for it… no-dishwasher-’cause-there-is-no-space-for-it kitchen. I know, I know. What was I thinking when we bought this house? I could click through this designer’s blog roll all day. … Continue reading

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Since she was tiny, we have done our best to correct Riley when she says something inappropriate. We know her heart, and know she doesn’t mean it, but sometimes she just comes across as bratty or rude, and well…she needs … Continue reading

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