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Friday Rampage of Appreciation

I’m feeling kinda in love with life today. It was the first day of the new homeschool co-op session. I am teaching a Lego class: It went well. We worked on two dimensional projects today. We’re going to slip in … Continue reading

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It had been a long week. Too many appointments. Not enough down time. HT had to work the weekend, and yesterday I woke, not quite wanting to climb back into my life. “When is your next day off?” I mumbled … Continue reading

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Chat Pack

HT had bedtime duty last night; I was up in my attic office writing. When I finally came down, I peeked in on each kiddo and found Riley still awake in her bed. I came in and gave her a … Continue reading

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Our Easter

So what do you do after you were just bamboozled into your first solo and you want to push it far, far from your mind?  You take the kids to the zoo. How about HT’s new fully shaved head? He finally went … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

At church tomorrow, the adult and children’s choirs are combining, and Riley has volunteered to do a solo! She just flat out claimed it. No one asked her. She wanted it. She’s never done anything like this before. I am in awe. … Continue reading

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Good Men (no fooling)

Forgot to post this. The night of the school dance, I got the kids in the car, then realized I forgot my camera. I went back inside to get it, and came out to find this little man, attempting to scrape my windows. … Continue reading

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A Wicked Good Night

Why is this couple smiling? A) A cute little blond haired boy is taking their picture. B) They got to *sleep in* this morning while their kids brains slowly melted away in front of the television. C) They are on their … Continue reading

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First Grade Sleep Competition

HT accompanied Seth’s class on a field trip today. There was cow milking and ice cream making. It was a fall festival type of thing. The kids were out in the fresh air all day. They ate bagged lunches. On … Continue reading

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Off We Go!

After almost a year of waiting we leave tomorrow to meet  Riley’s service dog. The bags are packed. The groceries are bought, the cat/house sitter arrives in the morning(poor cats, they’ve never met a dog in their lives)! I honestly have very … Continue reading

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