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Want to see the world?

Welcome to your latest addiction. No need to thank me. (Just knowing you’ll soon be addicted, is thanks enough). P.S. I’m adding the site to my blog roll in case you need a fix.

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A Wicked Good Night

Why is this couple smiling? A) A cute little blond haired boy is taking their picture. B) They got to *sleep in* this morning while their kids brains slowly melted away in front of the television. C) They are on their … Continue reading

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Looking for me?

I’m over at Hopeful Parents today. You know, spreading the hope. Come on over!  Love.

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Positive Pause

Click on the Love.

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Nature Pictures and Paybacks

I will never again be able to walk down the sidewalk in my neighborhood without thinking about how some of the slabs are cement, and some are slate. My friends Kathleen(KC) and Chuck from Albuquerque visited recently and they just … Continue reading

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Wishing You Joy

So much to be thankful for. Our sweet family. Our animals. Our friends. People we know and those we don’t know care about us, and send love our way. We’ve never been hungry. We always have what we need. I am … Continue reading

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Our Alternative Bedtime Prayer

My dreams will be happy and joyful. I am loved. I am healthy, loving and wise. God helps me know what to do. Tomorrow will be a wonderful day. Thank you God. Amen.

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The Elusive Middle Place

We got to the bottom of what was eating Riley yesterday. There’s this boy in her class, and he “goes too easy on her.” You see, he’s sweet. And kind. Apparently too kind. He goes back and forth with the other … Continue reading

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Staying in the Race

In one weekend, Riley took a promotional exam in martial arts, went to a birthday party unaccompanied by me (for the very first time!) and ran a huge 5K race with Girls on the Run. She even fell during the run,scraping … Continue reading

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Be Kind.To You.

“The surest way to disconnect from Who You Really Are is to find a reason, any reason to criticize yourself. It’s almost as bad to criticize others, but the very worst thing you can do is criticize you, because it … Continue reading

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He thinks a little pre-paving might be in order…

“Time to start homework!” I say to the kids.  Riley sucks in her breath, anticipating disaster before she even begins. Seth leans over to me and whispers, “I think Riley needs to do some ‘Om’ work  before she starts her homework.” He puts … Continue reading

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The 300 Club

This week Riley made it into The 300 Club at Tae Kwon Do. She’d had her eye on the plaque for over a year. Back when she started she could not do twenty sit-ups. She’s always had low muscle tone. She could not … Continue reading

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Wrong Answer

As I bite into my burrito, I say, “Food is so good! I don’t care if I’m ten pounds heavier than I used to be! It’s so worth it.” HT says, “What I wouldn’t give to only be ten pounds … Continue reading

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Seth is Helpful and Kind

As you know, we sometimes have a little trouble with homework. Often, there’s screaming involved(and it’s not just me). As you know, we have a wonderful little person in this house named Seth. On a recent evening, said screaming ensued, and … Continue reading

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Chillin’ Wit Da Staglianos

Yesterday I spent the evening with the Kim Stagliano. They were in Cleveland for a doctor appt. and Kim’s husband Mark was going out with a friend, so I hung out in the hotel suite with Kim and her girls. For those who don’t know … Continue reading

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Walking at Girls on the Run

I took this picture while I was walking with a girl from Girls on the Run. I liked how the sunshine was touching the faces of the tallest leaves remaining on top of the tree. I LOVE that color blue. Riley was running … Continue reading

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PANDAS on Today

Doctor Nancy Snyderman and Beth Maloney, author of Saving Sammy talked with the dreamy Matt Lauer, about PANDAS this morning. PANDAS is the condition affecting our sweet boy Seth. Snyderman boldy states, “Doctors don’t have all the answers!” Honest and for true? They don’t? … Continue reading

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Seth’s Art

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Focus Wheels

The last two weeks were tough. Riley could not shake the feeling of being behind, after missing ten days of school to go get her service dog. One of the ways we were able to move forward was by using the focus wheel exercise depicted … Continue reading

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Todd O’Neil, and His Partner Michelle O’Neil!

Today at Whole Foods, HT and I parked in the upstairs ramp. We took the stairs, rather than the elevator. It’s a big staircase which opens up into a giant produce department. “Can we pretend we’re on Dancing With the Stars?” I … Continue reading

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