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A Visit From Gramma

Wednesday night I dreamed of my grandmother. I was outside on a patio, in bright sun, there were people milling around, and then…. there she was in front of me, dressed in all white. All white cotton, and a white … Continue reading

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Hopeful Parents

Mornin’…! I’m over at Hopeful Parents today. If you come over and visit me there, I’ll do a jig.

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Chihuahua Love

Yippeepalooza. I’m in love with a Chihuahua. You want to make something of it? It was so unexpected. He’s just so darned handsome. How’s a girl supposed to resist? All the rumors about his kind have proven to be untrue. … Continue reading

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Tiny Chat

Some of you who read this blog are no doubt familiar with Lydia of the wonderful Autistic Speaks blog. Lydia is great at instant message, but sometimes becomes overwhelmed in real life conversation. IM is a wonderful way for her … Continue reading

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Reiki from Riley

At camp a couple of years ago, Riley learned about Reiki. She knows how to send her good energy out to anyone who might need it. At church recently, the kids learned more about it, and this is a picture … Continue reading

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Counting My Blessings

On Thursday Riley had a cold, and did not feel up to Girls on the Run. There had been some discord in the group while I was away and I was prepared to give them a stern talking to, so … Continue reading

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Parents….you are enough.

While in LA, I met up with some friends, (more on them in a later post) who mentioned Elaine Hall of The Miracle Project. I was familiar with Hall because I’d done a review on Autism the Musical for Age … Continue reading

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The Makepeace Brothers and other good things

The Makepeace Brothers performed at the Agape Revelations Conference. Listen to their song Thank You here. They are dreamy young men with a sound similar to Paul Simon. Talk about a rampage of appreciation! It was so good to go to … Continue reading

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The Source Which Created the Universe and Everything In It, Doesn’t Play Favorites

What would your life be like if you knew, really knew God loved you as much as everybody else? This was a question (paraphrased) posed by Hans Christian King, one of the speakers at the conference I just attended. Hans … Continue reading

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Today was glorious, sunny…blue skies. This afternoon I stood out on my balcony brushing my hair, when I noticed my brush had accumulated a bunch of hair in it. So I pulled the hair out of the bristles, and tossed … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

A woman at the conference lost her purse. When it was found, the $630.00 which had been in it was missing. Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith made an announcement about this at the dinner banquet last night, and asked the participants … Continue reading

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All is well….

Green mat, third in on the left, closest row. I’m in LA. Typing this from my balcony on the 17th floor. The picture was taken yesterday at 7AM from my friend Kathy’s room. We are at the Agape International Spiritual … Continue reading

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Yippity Snip

This is the face of someone who is about to be neutered. We’ve held off, because the thought of complications, the thought of anything happening to this dog… let’s just say Seth lives for him. It would be bad. I … Continue reading

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En-lak’ech Ala-kin

On Sunday at church, Rev. Tony gave a talk about the concept of “what I see in other people is actually something active in myself.” He spoke of “form vs. content,” a concept in A Course in Miracles, and gave … Continue reading

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Pillow Talk

The other night, I turned out the light, then requested HT spoon closer. “How can I get closer?” he asked. “I want your molecules, all smashed up against mine,” I said. He snuggled in a bit more. After about ten seconds … Continue reading

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Just in case you missed this performance at the 2011 ACM awards. I thought it was darling. And now for something nice, from the same show:

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Friday Rampage of Appreciation

I’m feeling kinda in love with life today. It was the first day of the new homeschool co-op session. I am teaching a Lego class: It went well. We worked on two dimensional projects today. We’re going to slip in … Continue reading

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Autism on PBS

Subject: PBS Press Release: Autism Today Importance: High Robert MacNeil returns to PBS NEWSHOUR to report on Autism Today 6-part series airs during Autism Awareness Month April 18 – 26, 2011 ARLINGTON, VA (March 29, 2011) – Autism – it’s … Continue reading

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Virtual Choir

Okay, I know this is really gorgeous, but it’s also somehow unsettling to me. Yes, the music is hauntingly beautiful. But I have to admit, the balls floating around with all those faces in the videos do wig me out … Continue reading

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Fill in the ________.

One of the songs we are doing in Windsong this season is called Stand. One of the lyrics in Stand is… “It starts with a whisper, the smallest I am.” When we were working on this song in rehearsal my … Continue reading

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