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Jingle’s tail has seen better days. The week before last at homeschool co-op, she was sitting on her mat, minding her own business, hoping some kid would drop a sandwich at lunch, when all hell broke loose. Someone walked by, … Continue reading

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Click on over if you want…

Over at Hopeful Parents today, with all the details about my hotel night. It’s riveting.

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Todd has today off and is not working until tomorrow afternoon. With his encouragment I am at a hotel two seconds away, and for the next 22 hours, I do not have to answer to anyone. No one will demand … Continue reading

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How Can I Help You?

Being with my kids 24/7 has me feeling overwhelmed. I love that they get to be educated at home. Riley is thriving beyond my wildest dreams. Seth really enjoys it. It seems to be working for everyone, except maybe me. … Continue reading

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Two Years Together

Thank you to everyone who helped bring Jingle to Riley. We will never forget your generosity.

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Sister Assist

The kids are taking a play-writing class. They worked on character development the first week, and this week they are to bring a scene, already written, back to class. One scene. Riley’s written two very lengthy ones, and could go … Continue reading

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An Important Lesson

Today I was tired, so I took a nap. I let the kids play their Nintendo DSi games, and I slept, for over an hour. I was upstairs, with the door open, with a calico cat snuggled into the back … Continue reading

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How does it make you feel to know you’ve been manipulated into buying crap?

This is on our homeschool agenda today. The Story of Stuff. Love.

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A Free Webinar with Author Jennifer Lauck

We’d been writing all day under a big tent in a meadow. As we walked the dusty dirt road back to the outdoor kitchen at the Buddhist retreat center in the Colorado mountains, Jennifer Lauck, (award winning, best selling author … Continue reading

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Put them on an index card, carry it around

I heard an interview earlier in the week on XM radio (I think it was on Dr. Oz’s show) with Marci Shimoff, author of the books Love for No Reason, and Happy for No Reason. She suggested an exercise which … Continue reading

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Life Long Learner

When I was fifteen, my mother had twin boys. I adored them. When they hit school age, one of my brothers had a learning disability. School was not easy for him. One day when he was really little, my mother … Continue reading

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Co-op, Speed Stacking, and the Clay Class Formerly Known as Effing

Today was the first day of homeschool co-op. Riley and Seth are taking a play writing class in the first block. In the second, Riley is taking puzzles and games, which is a lot of charades type games, mind teasers, … Continue reading

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What Special Needs Can Look Like at a Wedding

My friend Kim’s girls were excluded from a family wedding and it’s caused a whole heap of pain for all involved. What were the bride and groom afraid of? Most special needs parents are not going to let their children … Continue reading

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Ringing in 43

Tucking her in the night before my birthday, she could barely contain her excitement. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and was as happy for me as she would be if it were her own birthday eve. I have a … Continue reading

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Still Twenty Days Older

From second grade through junior high, I had a dear friend. We were pretty much inseparable. I was twenty days older than her and I loved to rub that fact in her face. For twenty whole days, I was ten … Continue reading

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Inside This Memoir Writer’s Neurotic Head

My ego is on a freaking rampage and having a ball! Self-judgement abounds. Sometimes I don’t know if my skin is really thick enough to be a writer. No, I have not received a bad review (yet). No, I have … Continue reading

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Charlotte’s Web

I facilitate a book group for 9-11 year olds and this month we are reading Charlotte’s Web. It was my first “big girl” book when I was a child. So charmed by it, I do believe it set me on … Continue reading

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