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I Am

Yesterday, while HT was doing my job, I took off out of here like a bat outta’ hell, and saw the movie, I Am. It had been a long stretch of stealing an hour here or there for myself, but … Continue reading

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Yakity Yak

Over at Hopeful Parents today….

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Music Sharing Day

Saturday was the kids’ music sharing day at The Cleveland Music School Settlement, where those receiving music therapy showcased their talents. It had been a very stressful week and the weekend was jammed full of things we needed to do. Todd … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Yip

I’m not one to celebrate the birthdays of our pets. But my children are. And what the heck. It’s fun posting pics of puppies. Today Mr. Yip is one year old. That’s him above with his litter mates. The baby in … Continue reading

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Girls on the Run Was So Much Fun!

Today was our fifth and final Girls on the Run 5K. We had to wake up before dawn to be there. As the race began, I felt euphoric, remembering how Riley fell on the gravel at the start of her … Continue reading

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Karen Weaverisms

In honor of her birthday…I give you lessons from Karen Weaver, Director of Windsong, Cleveland’s feminist chorus… 1)Show up 2)Be on time 3)Asking forgiveness is easier than asking persmission 4)Encourage others 5)Stop talking! 6)Wait for your freaking cue 7)Observe rests … Continue reading

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Making a Reader Out of Him

On Tuesday, Seth and I snuggled up on “our” sofa by the vending machine while Riley was at Music Therapy. We finished the fourth and final Indiana Jones book. I read the last sentence. There was a beat. I smiled … Continue reading

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I gave up thinking the FDA cared about me or my children (or yours) a long time ago. My motto is: above the government, above any doctor, trust your own God given inner guidance when making health decisions for your … Continue reading

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iPod Touch for Lydia

Lydia is a young woman who has autism. Like many on the spectrum, there is great disparity in what she thinks, and what she is able to express verbally. She has speech, but it comes and goes, depending on how … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Hot Toddy

The photo above is the drawing on Seth’s birthday card for his dad. The smiley face with the party hat and the…what? Sticking out of its mouth? Yes, today is Todd’s birthday. He is presently sleeping in. If you don’t … Continue reading

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Room to Bloom

I took this picture during recess at the homeschool co-op today. Riley is in the green shirt and pink leg warmers. I love how she’s smack in the middle of the play. Sometimes she hangs on the outskirts, but not … Continue reading

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Set Me As a Seal Upon Your Heart

Being an autism mom has drastically reduced my tolerance for disrespect. Our old dentist, had this thing going on with his assistant. He treated her like she was not smart. She took it, meekly. It made me squirm. Then…one day, … Continue reading

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Johnny Barnes

I’ve been reading a wonderful book called Love for No Reason by Marci Shimoff. It is very inspiring, full of wonderful examples of unconditional love. I have folded over so many pages, and could keep myself busy for years just … Continue reading

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Imaginary Foes

My children never fight. Well…hardly ever. And when they do, they get through it very, very quickly. They would both rather be with each other than anyone else. They get along freakishly well. To the point where I sometimes wonder … Continue reading

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Let’s Call Him Chip

I woke up with a large chip on my shoulder. Trying to snap out of it, I took Jingle for a long walk. It is a gloriously gorgeous day here in Cleveland, and I surprised myself, by just how miserable … Continue reading

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Lucky to be their mother…

Today I was greeted with sweet smiles, homemade cards, a chocolate croissant and a steaming cup of coffee in bed. I was instructed to stay in the bedroom while they prepared their “surprise.” I did a meditation and focused on … Continue reading

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Update: We went. Had the place to ourselves. It was very cool. The kids especially loved the audio. I especially loved the variety of recycled fabric the artist used. Those little straw kids wore some funky clothes, made of shirt … Continue reading

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The day Mommy went for a ride…

So yesterday…I was on the treadmill, mindin’ my own business. Listening to Mozart, not a usual pick for me but there it was, so I put the CD in my “Walkman” (yes Walkman…Riley is the only one in this house … Continue reading

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Ten Grands

I stumbled upon this the other day. Ten pianists. Ten grand pianos. Raising money for kids in Oregon and Washington who otherwise would not get to take part in the arts in schools due to budget cuts. I love when … Continue reading

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Plans for Camp

A friend recently sent me an e-mail about Bittersweet Farms. I love knowing a place like this exists. In looking for the YouTube code to embed the video above, I came across a number of programs which beautifully serve kids … Continue reading

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