Add it to the list of questions I can’t answer…

From Seth

“Why did they even invent the letter F when PH makes the fuh sound?”

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9 Responses to Add it to the list of questions I can’t answer…

  1. *m* says:

    Why indeed?

    The kid’s brilliant.

  2. Niksmom says:

    Um, you could tell him the PH came AFTER it b/c some really smart boy, named Seth, started playing around with letters and sounds and found a great shortcut?? 😉

  3. Jamie says:

    Too funny – what a great question!

  4. Jess Wilson says:

    Cause phuck is a five letter word.

  5. Amanda says:

    much as I like Jess’s answer, I LOVE Seth’s question more

  6. Smart AND funny – a guy after my own heart!

  7. amber says:

    Why do we do so many things, Seth? Why, indeed. lol


  8. Hey stranger … I’ve missed your blog, I’m back blogging now, so I promise to stop by more often.

    Seth has asked a great question here … 🙂


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