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Theater Arts Camp – A Success!

Today was the last day of theater arts camp. Riley was the only kid with special needs and she was with an aide she didn’t know previously and kept the fact she had an aide undercover. Her aide was young, … Continue reading

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The Night Mommy “Didn’t” Get Drunk

Read about it over at Hopeful Parents today. Love.

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Introducing Daughter of the Drunk at the Bar

So, I did it. Over the last several weeks I’ve had my head buried in all things indie publishing. I’ve read ’til my eyeballs ached. And ultimately, given the state of transition the publishing industry is in, and given the … Continue reading

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Two New Blogs to Love

It’s All About Me. It’s All About Me, is all about Chris Vartorella. She is a friend from chorus. She is hilarious. She’s an actress and she has performed with Dancing Wheels, an amazing local dance troupe which features those … Continue reading

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She Even Bought Me Breakfast!

What does author, mother of three girls with autism, and autism advocate Kim Stagliano have in common with the guys in the Cleveland cover band Almost Famous? Besides fake Slash’s curly hair? Both were on Fox News this morning. It … Continue reading

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Camel Toe Nation

I feel sorry for females in tight clothes. One of the things I love about being 42 is my absolute refusal to wear anything uncomfortable. To hell with that. At a recent Indians game, as we baked in the sun, … Continue reading

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The Teacher

At the end of four weeks of music camp, staff approached us and asked if we might consider sending the kids to two more weeks of theater arts camp. Music camp is an inclusion camp for typicals, and kids with … Continue reading

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Butter at Room Temp

  I’m very temperature sensitive. The brain does not work so well when placed in an oven. Will write more when I cool off. Love.

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Renaissance: : “a movement or period of vigorous artistic and intellectual activity.” -Webster’s

My computer is acting wonky, and I’m not even sure if this will post, so I’m keeping this short and sweet. The last day of camp the kids put on a Renaissance performance. Riley was a lead. Seth had lines … Continue reading

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Proud Little Mermaid

If any of you read my contribution to the Special Gifts anthology, you would know about our early experiences with swimming pools and Riley. The sensory bombardment of a locker room, a hot day, bright sun reflecting off the water, … Continue reading

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Jingle is soooo famous

A puppy in Denver has a mad crush on Jingle. Read about it here.

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My Memoir Revisited

I heard something once, and I can’t remember where…but it was the notion that children, when they can’t sleep and keep demanding your attention…the glass of water….the “I can’t get to sleep,” and on and on….what is really happening is … Continue reading

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Checking in…

Busy week here, so I’m just going to post some pics from the last several days….Lake Erie at sunset… Mr. Seth swinging on a rope…. Gearing up for the July fourth bike parade. July 4th Indian vs. Yankees game (nosebleed … Continue reading

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Love Thy Neighbor

For over two years, the house next door to us was vacant. The previous owners foreclosed, and left in the dark of night, never to be seen again. Neighbors took turns mowing the lawn, making it look “not” vacant. And … Continue reading

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Behold the Bemis. The Bemis “Whisper Close” toilet seat. No more being startled awake in the night to the sound of lid slamming on¬†porcelain. Oh Bemis! Those days are over. Much to Todd’s delight, it’s “seat fastening system” promises never … Continue reading

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