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So, I’m turning 44 next week and to celebrate I am thinking about cutting my hair all off and starting over. I’ve colored it forever and am curious about it’s natural state. I’ve got a chunky grey streak happening on … Continue reading

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Dancing at the Shame Prom

I loved Dancing at the Shame Prom so much I couldn’t help but ask co-editors and contributors (both have chill inducing essays in the book) Hollye Dexter and Amy Ferris some questions regarding how it came about and where they are … Continue reading

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Calming Tourette’s With Dental Appliances

I had Riley at the orthodontist’s today and we got to talking about Seth and his tics. The doctor told me about work being done to help patients with Tourette’s using dental appliances to stop the tics. Amazing. Read more … Continue reading

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Is it wrong?

Is it wrong that the first thing I thought to say/sing when put on the spot by Riley…with her iPod in my face… asking me to sing something for the little talking cat app to repeat back was, “I like … Continue reading

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Dancing at the Shame Prom

I just finished Dancing at the Shame Prom and I am feeling such a deep sense of gratitude for the women who brought this book to life and for those who contributed to it. I feel like the book is going … Continue reading

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She Can Do Anything!

In June, I posted this, about Riley facing her fear of deep water and also conquering the dratted climbing structure that had been the bane of our existence for years. In the post I asked, “What’s next, riding a bike?” Well. … Continue reading

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Dancing at the Shame Prom

I am reading Dancing at the Shame Prom and will be writing more about it soon. Here is a video to whet your appetite. In it, Hollye Dexter co-editor of the anthology talks a bit about what fueled her to … Continue reading

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Hiding Dietary Supplements for Children in Foods

It wasn’t until last year that Riley could swallow capsules and pills. For many years our mornings and evenings were spent grinding supplements and medications with a mortar and pestle, and mixing them in food and hoping our kids wouldn’t … Continue reading

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How Todd and I Wound up Crying at 11:36PM

We watched the MTV Music awards on TIVO, whizzing through the whole thing. Only stopping for Pink, Alicia Keys, and then Taylor Swift at the end singing her bubble gum new single, We’re Never Getting Back Together. And then HT … Continue reading

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Sometimes she just knocks my socks off

The other day, Riley wanted to talk to me about something personal and pressing for her. We had a nice chat, in which I shared some related things I’d experienced when I was her age. When we were done she … Continue reading

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Haaaaapy Now!

I’ve written here before about Jack, the boy with Down Syndrome I grew up with. The one who is my age. The one who was ring bearer in our wedding. When Todd and I were first dating, before it would … Continue reading

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Yip the Agility Chihuahua?

Inspired by the video above in which Mixy the Chihuahua demonstrates agility, Seth is working with a trainer to teach Yippee some of the same things. Both boy and dog are over the moon. Turns out Yippee is super smart … Continue reading

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Barbara Azzara,Teaching Excellence Not Perfection

A little background. Probably twenty years ago, my friend Anna mentioned something casually in conversation about Emmanuel’s Book: A Manual for Living Comfortably in the Cosmos. This was when I was living in the DC area. I filed it away in … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Seth

He did it. He turned ten. He was the best baby. The most precious toddler. The sweetest preschool guy. He’s a joy. He’s a happy person. He is a light. He has more patience than any adult I know. He … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary

The first thing Seth said when I came downstairs this morning was, “It’s me and Yippee’s anniversary!” Two years ago today we surprised Seth with his Chihuahua. It was the happiest day of Seth’s life, and will go down in … Continue reading

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He’ll Always be my Baby

“Seth!” I yell from the kitchen. “What?” he yells back from the living room. “Is you is, or is you ain’t my baby?” He giggles from the living room. I get up and walk toward where he is. Standing in … Continue reading

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