Driving in the Snow

Driving in Snow

Driving in the snow, I look in my rearview and talk to the kids.

“You know, I’m lucky. I had a really awful beat up car when I was young. It had a big dent in the side. Sometimes I had to start it on a downward incline to pop the clutch.”

They look at me funny. They don’t know what “pop the clutch” means. They’ve never had a car break down, leaving them stranded, (such was my life for way too long).

I continue.

“When it snowed, I would take it into empty parking lots, and drive around, swerving, hitting the breaks hard, letting it spin out, getting a feel for how to drive in the snow. It’s why I’m not nervous driving in the snow today. I wouldn’t have gotten that experience with a nice car. I’d have been afraid to damage it.”

They smile.

“So you see, I didn’t like having a crappy car back then, but the experience really served me.”

Riley says, “I hope when I’m sixteen I’ll get a car.”

Seth asks her, “What kind do you think you’ll get?”

Before she can answer I interject cheerfully, “Hopefully a beater!

Silence for a while and then Riley says,

“Mom, I’d really prefer a nice car….no offense.”


*Photo from http://www.bestcarsguide.com