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Yoga Stories – Tibetan Bowls

I love teaching yoga. There is a new story every day. One of my playlists features Tibetan singing bowls. People generally respond well to them. One of the ladies in one of my classes LOVES them. Any time I play … Continue reading

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Before the Body

This meditation has been kicking around in my mind lately. I wrote about it back in 2008 on my old blog, and I repost it here, with love. _____ I want to tell you about a meditation I sometimes do. … Continue reading

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Haaaaapy Now!

I’ve written here before about Jack, the boy with Down Syndrome I grew up with. The one who is my age. The one who was ring bearer in our wedding. When Todd and I were first dating, before it would … Continue reading

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Meditation Before Glee

Busy day, and now in the first lull, the the kids want to watch Glee, which means I have to sit there with them because there are parts I must forward through. Not really into it but it means the … Continue reading

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Proud Little Mermaid

If any of you read my contribution to the Special Gifts anthology, you would know about our early experiences with swimming pools and Riley. The sensory bombardment of a locker room, a hot day, bright sun reflecting off the water, … Continue reading

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On Heels and Meditation

*image from I was formally introduced to meditation in my early twenties. My karate teacher had invited a meditation instructor to come teach us how. I knew nothing about this woman but I remember judging her. What was she … Continue reading

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Too Much Togetherness

Day six of being together 24/7 in a small hotel suite. I can feel myself gasping for breath. Not literally, but I do feel a¬†slow suffocation. I’m out of my element. We can’t go out to eat (per Seth’s health … Continue reading

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