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Organic Learning

Riley woke up this morning with two questions: 1) Does my hair look like a rat’s nest? 2) Do rats really have nests? And so we’re studying the habitats of rats today. And Riley is writing more of her graphic … Continue reading

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Hot Toddy

He took the kids to The Great Lakes Science Center today so I could have a few hours home alone. I love him. A whole heck of a lot.

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Hopeful Parents

I’m at Hopeful Parents today, talking about our recent evening at the theater. Meow.

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She Loves Me

Last night I snuck away into the bedroom to read for a bit. Riley came in to say goodnight and snuggled under the covers with me for a moment. We decided to say her prayers right there, rather than wait … Continue reading

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“Get to” vs. “got to,”(at a fast clip)

After no exercise for two weeks (due to sickness making its rounds in the house) I walked fast for thirty minutes on the treadmill today. It was awesome. Ramped up on appreciation from a morning writing exercise I do, I … Continue reading

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Thule le Mama Ya

Sunday was our latest Windsong concert. It was my fourth concert with the group and it was my favorite so far. That might have something to do with the fact it was the first time I felt like I mostly … Continue reading

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True Colors Gay Men’s Chorus of LA

Watching this video took me on a huge roller coaster of emotions. I love the slow face shots at the beginning. Each person…all of these men, what they have been through personally in a society which discriminates against them for … Continue reading

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Seth’s Manifestation of His Puppy

One of the biggest regrets I had when I stopped blogging was not having the opportunity to share Seth’s puppy with you. Back in September, I did put up a piece about it over at my friend Betsy’s Autism Law … Continue reading

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What I Do When I Get Scared

Sometimes I feel so scared. I wake in the night, feeling like life is just ticking away. So little time. At the theater the other night, I see an actor back flip through the air repeatedly and I know that … Continue reading

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German Shoulders

Read or┬álisten On Tuesdays, Riley has music therapy at the Cleveland Music School Settlement. This has become a special time for Seth and I. We head to the lounge on the second floor, and I give him $0.35. He goes … Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle

Listen or read: (I’ve been playing around with podcasts. Not gonna have them on every post. Have not figured out how to stop it from opening in a separate window. It’s just for fun). Our family went down like dominoes … Continue reading

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And then, somehow she just knew, it was time to start again

So it looks like I’m blogging again. I mean, here I am, in a “new post” page, feeling ready to roll. It just feels like time. A lot has happened in the last five months. We stayed in Cleveland. Todd … Continue reading

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