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Dolphin Therapy

The main reason we chose Mexico for our trip was for the dolphin therapy. My friend Betsy already had a dolphin trip planned for her family and somehow it fell into place for us to go at the same time. … Continue reading

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We got back from Mexico the day before Thanksgiving. The trip was a gift from my dear friend Clarissa who died last year after a long illness. She was always the most generous person. I miss her. We brought her … Continue reading

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I’m going to unplug for a couple of weeks. I’m not going to blog, read blogs, Facebook or Twitter. I am not going to write. I might not even check e-mail. I am going to connect with my inner wisdom … Continue reading

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Thank you, insurance lady

Braces are expensive. We all know this. Yesterday, the unexpected happened. Our medical insurance company called. HT had submitted a claim, and they were supposed to cover a teensy portion of Riley’s braces. He expected to hear them say they … Continue reading

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As the day goes on I am getting more and more angry about the whole Penn State “it’s okay to prey on little boys and rape themĀ and cover it up” thing. Because you know what? Those boys matter. Those boys … Continue reading

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My Reasons to Feel Good Today

1) Todd looked handsome heading to work today in his blue shirt and blue tie. 2) A kitchen contractor came today to do an estimate on putting in a dishwasher, and offered a suggestion on doing it that might save … Continue reading

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I’m going on a date tonight with Hot Toddy. It’s been a rare thing for us over the past eleven years, though hopefully it will become a more regular occasion ’cause a friend and I are experimenting with a monthly … Continue reading

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I have the coolest blog readers

This is Rachel Smith. She left a comment the other day re: Seth and his tics. I clicked back on her link and discovered she is a beautiful, soulful singer. I know we are all used to it by now … Continue reading

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The Great Pumpkin had a good run. Well played, Seth O’Neil

When the kids were little they had all kinds of dietary restrictions and candy was a big no. Wanting them to still have the joy of trick-or-treating, we made up a story (thank you Charles Schultz) about The Great Pumpkin, … Continue reading

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