About Ilonka Michelle O’Neil

Ilonka Michelle O’Neil has contributed to A Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children with Autism, and Special Gifts: Women Writers on the Heartache, the Happiness and the Hope of Raising a Special Needs Child. She has written for Literary MamaThe Imperfect ParentAge of AutismCool Cleveland and Hopeful Parents. She is author of the memoir Daughter of the Drunk at the Bar. She has a 13 year old daughter with Asperger’s and a ten year old son who is affected with an auto-immune deficiency called PANS/PANDAS. She’s married to the wonderful Hot Toddy and has been blogging about autism, family and lots of other stuff since 2006. They’ve recently moved from Cleveland, OH to Florida.

In October, 2009 her daughter Riley received an autism service dog named Jingle from 4 Paws for Ability. Some of Michelle’s posts about Jingle have appeared in the blogs of The Bark! Her work has also appeared in Sensory Integration Special Interest Section (SISIS) Quarterly Newsletter, a professional journal for occupational therapists. She is a former radio news reporter/editor and her pieces have been featured during NPR’s Morning Edition on WAMU in Washington, DC.

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2 Responses to About Ilonka Michelle O’Neil

  1. I just discovered your blog as a friend told me of her neighbors recently released book:
    Wil of God. As a parent with a son named Will who also has Asperger’s, google has lead me to your blog. Thank YOU! Beautiful. I look forward to exploring your site more fully and reading “Wil of God”.

    Every moment in life we are being given the opportunity to: “Begin Again”, Winky Wheeler_ neighbor of the author who wrote “Wil of God.”

  2. LS says:

    Hi Michelle. We’ve heard nothing from you in 5 months. Are you guys OK? Please take a second to check in with us. Thanks!

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