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Outside With My Snow Angels

We built a snow fort today. Brick by brick. The whole time, my little ones were humming under their breath a song from church this morning. “I am one with the heart of the mother, I am one with the … Continue reading

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Listening to the Ocean Waves

I put my headphones on, closed my eyes and for nine minutes and thirty-eight seconds listened to this: Thoughts drifted in and out, but the waves kept calling me back. Again and again and again. Nine minutes and thirty-eight seconds. Not … Continue reading

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My Abraham-Hicks Hot Seat Experience, Part Two

For Part I, click here. Confusion came over me as I made my way in slow motion to the steps. Walking across the stage toward the chair, I looked back at Todd in the audience and raised my eyebrows as if to say, … Continue reading

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May you

laugh  wish dream  love.      * Zoey March Meaningful Jewelry 

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Cooking in the Kitchen With Mommy and Riley

So far this week, Riley and I have made a yummy carrot ginger soup which both kids devoured, and a cauliflower cheesy onion bake. Dee-lish! Who knows what we’ll come up with next? “Mommy, I think we should have a TV show … Continue reading

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My Journey to the Abraham-Hicks Hot Seat

When Seth was just a few months old, an acquaintance asked me if he was named after “Seth,” of the Seth books. I had no idea what she was talking about, but I looked into it, and the first Seth … Continue reading

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Author/Poet Appearance

Due to the impending snow storm this event has been postponed until April. Any readers from our hometown? Endicott? Binghamton? Anyone? Anyone? AUTHOR/POET APPEARANCE With ANGELO ZUCCOLO   Friday, February 26th, 7 PM   Angelo will be reading from his books … Continue reading

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I Love

You may talk about me behind my back.  I love. You may judge me harshly having never walked in my shoes. I love. You may erroneously think you know me. I love. You may feel I’m a poor excuse for … Continue reading

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Mister O.

Seth just loves cartoon books. Lately, he’s been really into the one pictured above, by Lewis Trondheim. Mister O. He loves it, but he hit a snag. The page below, and a few others like it, have blood. See how the little round … Continue reading

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Praise and Dissatisfaction

Check out Jingle’s award on the dog page.

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Kitty Cats and Dragons

Riley has been busy at clay class. What this girl does with big old hunks of clay, given a two hour time block to create! She explores textures, and shapes and comes up with things uniquely her own. Yesterday, she brought home two new pieces. The … Continue reading

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No Answers Necessary

I just did a meditation, and the message I received was, ~You don’t have to figure it all out~ Isn’t that great? Because I’ve sort of been living my life, feeling like I do. But I don’t. Neither do you.

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Thich Naht Hahn on Death

I heard the most beautiful interview yesterday on Oprah’s channel 156, XM radio. She does a soul series and covers spiritual matters way more in depth than she can on her television show. Anyway…she asked Buddhist Monk Thich Naht Hahn (author of many … Continue reading

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The Stamp

The young cashier guy with the reddish hair at Whole Foods was bored. It was around 9PM. One hour ’til he would get to go home or wherever he was headed on Saturday night. I breezed through his line,with last minute Valentine’s for the … Continue reading

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Our Funny Valentine

Today at church it was Todd, Riley, me and Seth in a row, in that order. Early in the service Riley asked to change seats with me. “Why? Can’t you see?” I asked her. “It’s Valentine’s day, and you should … Continue reading

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Help Jingle Get Her Tag Line!

Won’t you?  You know how clever you are. Besides, you might get a little something for your own four legged friend in the deal.

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Every Moment a Miracle

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Her Biggest Fan

Seth, upon seeing Riley’s Valentine creation she made in clay class: “How did you do it?” he asked. She told him in great detail, just how she rolled out the clay, laid it over a mold, used stampers and paint and glaze, etc. … Continue reading

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Riley and Mommy’s Excellent Freaky Cat Adventure

It started out so well…   Then it got a little out of hand. Riley expressed being overwhelmed. It was overwhelming even for me. And it didn’t help that these guys weren’t de-clawed. This the look of a cat, that’s fixin’ … Continue reading

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Go With Their Interests

This week’s educational field trip(weather permitting) will be to the shelter depicted above. Riley is over the moon with excitement. Her passion for cats is intense, and we will learn all about how this no-kill shelter operates.    I’ve promised not to return with another … Continue reading

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