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The King’s Speech, Stuttering, Tics, PANDAS

The other night we went to see The King’s Speech. If you have not see it yet, I’m sure you’ve at least heard about this gorgeous movie. Colin Firth won an Oscar last night for his performance in it. The … Continue reading

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Appreciation Saturday

While the guy is painting our living room downstairs, Riley, Seth, Jingle, Yippee, the cats, and I are piled into the bedroom. The kids are watching TV while I type away. Seriously, why don’t we do this every day? So … Continue reading

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The mess before the sparkle

Snow day here in Cleveland. Our homeschool co-op is canceled. I was so glad not to have to dig out and get on the road. That being said, our house is in total shambles. We are having the living room … Continue reading

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Born This Way (Why We Loves the GaGa)

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I needed to get out this morning…

xo xo (my car door handle) xo (note the cable cord down in our back yard) xo Love.

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Standing in Another Hollywood-istic Place

Just over two hours ago I woke my husband from a sound sleep and told him I couldn’t take it anymore. Riley had been sick all night, (tummy trouble associated with autism)and though he took the first shift, and was … Continue reading

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I See Weird People

Joy. My kids are happy folk. Seriously. They are having so much fun being them. I am thankful for them. Thankful for the loving sibling relationship they have. Thankful for their kind and generous hearts. Thankful for their silliness. Thankful … Continue reading

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Dogs and Kids

Yippee likes to sleep with his nose in Seth’s armpit. Eventually he comes up for air. Little Man loves his dog. And then, we have the girls. Jingle was over at her BFF’s the other day,(they like to romp together … Continue reading

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Inspiration is Everywhere

This is my sister Kelli. Nine years ago she had a very serious form of breast cancer. She was reeling, scared she might not see her children grow up. They were ten and five. Today she is thriving. Look at … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day

HT didn’t have to work today and it afforded us a few moments in bed together before going downstairs to greet the kids who were already up. He wrapped his arm around me, and absentmindedly I stroked it. “Sorry I … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to The Fun One

Yes, It’s Valentine’s Day, but it’s also the birthday of Carrie Link! Recently Carrie did a post on determining your essence. I thought about it and e-mailed her, stating I thought her essence was fun. Carrie has given me so … Continue reading

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Dogs of Dreamtime

I read Karen Shanley’s beautiful blog for a long time but somehow I’d never read her book. In researching for the class on dogs I’m teaching at the homeschool co-op, I was tickled to come across Dogs of Dreamtime and … Continue reading

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The BS Hustle for Worthiness

Today I watched a DVD of a talk by Brene’ Brown, titled The Hustle for Worthiness. It made me think about some things. So often, home with kids more by default, not necessarily by choice(at least at first), I feel … Continue reading

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Unique business cards and other things….

Check out these unique business cards at Very clever. I love clever. I love so many things. I love Seth in the next room singing Michael Jackson’s PYT. I love how I slept really late today. I’m not even … Continue reading

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1000 Faces

Back in July 2010 I posted a video here titled The Beauty of Different. The video was put out to promote Karen Walrond’s book of the same title. Walrond is an award winning photographer and I enjoy her Chookooloonks website … Continue reading

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Saving Sammy PANDAS OCD

Remember when bloodletting was accepted as standard medical practice? Or when doctors didn’t believe in germs and refused to wash their hands between patients? Or when OCD was just a mental illness, and not much could be done other than … Continue reading

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Chat Pack

HT had bedtime duty last night; I was up in my attic office writing. When I finally came down, I peeked in on each kiddo and found Riley still awake in her bed. I came in and gave her a … Continue reading

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Clay 2011

After our first disastrous run at homeschool clay class last year, I was afraid to ever go back. What seems to be true though…. is some of our most tumultuous moments appear to stick with me, way longer than they … Continue reading

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You Are That, From the Chandogya Upanishad, Chapter 6

Click here to read a beautiful passage of a father teaching his child Who He Is. My babies…you are part of everything good and beautiful. Integral parts of the larger whole. Oh the glorious beauty of words. Oh the endless … Continue reading

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Driving in the Snow

Driving in the snow, I look in my rearview and talk to the kids. “You know, I’m lucky. I had a really awful beat up car when I was young. It had a big dent in the side. Sometimes I … Continue reading

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