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What’s the Best Case Scenario?

Tonight I was feeling antsy. Not quite in a funk, but teetering, despite my best efforts to stay positive. I needed to get outside. We went to a park and as the sun went down we watched herons and the … Continue reading

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Beautiful Day in Cleveland

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Nobody knows the trouble they’ve seen….

but you can read all about it over at Hopeful Parents today.

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Do Unto Others and They Will Totally Make Your Day

After the peace pole was planted in the ground, and after Let There Be Peace on Earth was sung, the parishioners started to disperse. There was a grassy hill to navigate down, and I noticed one of my favorite parishioners, … Continue reading

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13 moon walk 4 peace

Today at Unity Center of the Heights, we had visitors from 13 moon walk for peace, a group who walks the globe, bringing a message of love. 13 moon walk for peace goes into places many of us wouldn’t dare … Continue reading

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Kids are home sick from day camp today, so I’ll do a rampage of appreciation…

Because camp is only four weeks. And they don’t go to school. So this is the only time all year which was carved out to be truly mine, and I’d been soooo looking forward to it, and I’m feeling a … Continue reading

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Lil’ Italy in the AM

I’m a friendly driver. If you’re trying to pull out onto Mayfield, from one of those tight one way streets in Little Italy, and there is a long line of traffic, and you’re just sitting there waiting for what seems … Continue reading

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Thank You North Coast Men’s Chorus!

This weekend was so much fun. Windsong was invited to perform with the North Coast Men’s Chorus, and those men are some of the most gracious, kind, generous, sweet people I’ve ever met. Men with big open hearts. Humor. Talent. … Continue reading

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Bitter Sweet Father’s Day

The Bitter About five years ago, after over a decade of total estrangement, I began allowing my father in, just a tiny bit. Having a little boy gave me empathy about what it must have been like to be “little” … Continue reading

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It Gets Better

This weekend, Windsong, Cleveland’s feminist chorus is getting a wonderful opportunity to perform with The North Coast Men’s Chorus. They have roughly 125 members. Windsong has about thirty. Rehearsing, we are crammed together so tightly on those risers there is … Continue reading

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Gleeked Out

Rather than have a birthday party this year, Riley chose to see Glee Live. She loved it so much. She was right in there, screaming along with the crowd. She was dancing. It was the kind of loud which makes … Continue reading

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Bathing Suit Shopping

Riley had a birthday gift card burning a hole in her pocket, and she wanted to go to Justice to buy a bathing suit. She’s outgrown everything from last year. She picked out two to try on, and in the … Continue reading

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It’s Okay

It’s okay to be healthy. It’s okay to set boundaries. It’s okay to say no. It’s okay not to get sucked into drama. It’s okay to be joyful. It’s okay to survive. It’s okay to take care of yourself. It’s … Continue reading

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Seth’s Significant Other

While Riley was with her tutor, Seth and I had a chance to talk. “So….you dating anyone?” I asked. He chuckled and rolled his eyes. “Anyone you’re interested in?” He nodded. “Still got that thing for Quinn on Glee? He … Continue reading

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Riley turned eleven

…and I’ve struggled with writing something about it. I’ve started half a dozen posts. How do I put my Riley into words? She’s fabulous. She’s sweet. She’s sassy. Okay, she’s not really sassy, but she dresses sassy. She wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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“Normalcy” Feels Very Strange

A girl from the other end of the street just knocked on our door, and asked if Riley could come over. Riley slipped on her shoes, grabbed her brother, and off they went. It didn’t occur to her to go … Continue reading

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Evidence of some good parenting…

Whether you are learning to ride a bike, write a book, sing a song, give a speech, etc.. Rock & Roll, baby!

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