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  Saturday, around lunchtime, I got a call from my sister. She was halfway to Ohio (from upstate NY) and was coming to surprise us, offering Todd and I a date night, and she was bringing her massage table. She recently became a … Continue reading

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Riley’s Aide Made HT Cry (almost)

Find out how over at Hopeful Parents today. Also…Jingle could use some love if you are so inclined. She’s such a good dog afterall. Have a wonderful weekend! Lovingly yours, MO’N

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Returning the Cello

Today is the day we take Riley’s cello back to the violin store we’ve been renting it from. I gave her plenty of warning. Allowed her to spend a couple extra days with it. This morning, when it was time … Continue reading

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Picky Eating Solutions

“It’s not so much that healthy food is expensive as much as fake food is cheap.” -Betsy Hicks                                                                    My friend Betsy’s book is out on Amazon today!                    Betsy is mom … Continue reading

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  Our Canadian doctor of Chinese medicine recommended we get some supplements (which for this law or that, she can’t ship) from a local doctor whom she recommended. So we went to the local doctor, and she said she would handle Riley’s situation … Continue reading

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I wrote this post last night, but didn’t have the time or energy to look it over or run a spell check ’til now. I over did it. We had chorus rehearsal yesterday. This morning, I practiced singing on the way … Continue reading

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Five Kilometers, Zero Tears

  Today was Riley’s 5K with Girls On the Run! We woke up at the crack of dawn and drove almost an hour to Akron for it.   It was at this point during her first 5K she became overwhelmed. With the crowd … Continue reading

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Windsong Concert Sunday

                                  Windsong celebrates a thirty year journey in song this weekend! If you come to the concert, I promise to do a short solo. … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Advice On Teaching Her Child

Recently, a reader named Liz asked the following questions in the comments to this post: I would really love to hear more from you about what works when trying to teach your daughter. I’ve been puzzling over how I would … Continue reading

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Charlie Bit Me, (and I need help)

It started with Jessica and her affirmations. After I watched her, the “Charlie Bit Me” video showed up on the screen, and I happened to click on it. The little boy’s accent and the baby’s smile did me in. But … Continue reading

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Runnin’ on Faith

  This is the Dr. Seuss house Riley made in clay class. I aged ten years during its construction.   Here we are on the way to her art show yesterday.     Here she is at her art show. Adorable, right? … Continue reading

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I want these two to get married, and repopulate the world with people just like them.

    *Thanks for passing Jessica along Amanda! Thanks to Kathleen W. for the drummer boy! Notice his flashing hat, and his adorable facial expressions as the video gets rolling.

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Happy Birthday Hot Toddy!

Today my sweet husband is 45.                 He ushered in 45, staying up all night with Seth who was puking. He took the big rug out of Seth’s room and hung it over the … Continue reading

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Asperger’s on Story Corps

Drama Mama brought this video to my attention. It made me cry. I love Joshua, and I love his mom.

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Living Laughing Loving

          This is what Seth picked out of the prize box at school. They get prizes in his class when caught doing something good. It’s a checkbook holder. He “thought it matched what we do in … Continue reading

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Cathy Bolton

I woke up this morning, itchin’ to write about Cathy Bolton. She was among a group of people on the Caribbean cruise I had the privilege of spending an evening in Puerto Rico with. It was my friend Betsy’s birthday celebration, and her … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Beautiful Friend

May 11th. It’s Clarissa’s birthday. We’re both still rooting for each other. May your day be as gorgeous as you are, sweet friend. Love. Always, love.

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I Love Myself So Much…

At the concert Friday night, our encore was a very simple bouncy little song they sing at the Agape International Spiritual Center(and at our church too), about how you can’t love anyone else unless you love yourself. The choir went into the … Continue reading

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Everything is Holy Now

I bought the 21st Agape Choir Anniversary CD over the weekend. A lot of the songs we sang at the conference are on it, and they are all inspiring, but one song I’d never heard before just blew me away. … Continue reading

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Great Lakes Unity Music Conference With Rickie Byars-Beckwith and Tim McAfee-Lewis

“When the praises go up, the blessings come down. When love goes out, that’s when love comes in.” I had more fun last night, more joy than I ever remember having. The Great Lakes Unity Music Conference wrapped up with a concert. People … Continue reading

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