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Her Mother’s Eyes

Riley steps out of the shower and I put the towel around her, draping it over the top of her head so just her face peeks out. I pat her dry a bit then hold her by the shoulders and … Continue reading

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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might remember my role model, Ms. Ginger. I wrote about her here, and here.  I’m writing about her again over at Hopeful Parents today. Love.

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Bumper Stickers/Indie Publishing/Daughter of the Drunk at the Bar

One of the most challenging parts of publishing your book independently is self-promotion. You have to walk the fine line between getting it out there, and not tooting your own horn too much. Using social media to your advantage, but … Continue reading

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Pass it through the window…

We’ve just discovered our deck. This sounds ridiculous, we’ve lived here for over three years, and have hardly ever spent time on our deck. For one thing, it was ugly. But this summer, Todd threw a couple coats of sealer … Continue reading

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Tad Shy from the 9th Planet I have a feeling a lot of kids are going to love this.

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Yippee’s Photo Shoot

Why yes! My children did watch ET for the first time recently. How did you know? This is actually the first time Seth has commissioned me to write a blog post. I have not figured out what my fee will … Continue reading

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Sometimes I think life is just one big misunderstanding

Yesteday, we attended a child’s birthday party at a local public pool. There was a boy at the pool, (not part of the party), a teen, who flapped his hands, walked on his toes, and squealed a lot. In the … Continue reading

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A Little Help From My Friends…

Carrie. Jenny. Kari. Thank you! Love.

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That’s so 1986

So we haven’t really talked about my 25th high school reunion, have we? Well. It was interesting. It felt like walking into a time warp. All of these people, most of whom I had not even thought about for many, … Continue reading

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Breathing Room

After a long, anxiety filled week (due to my book’s release on Amazon) it was nice to spend the evening watching the sunset over Lake Erie at my friend Kathy’s. Gearing up to go over, gathering the kids I honestly … Continue reading

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Daughter of the Drunk at the Bar, in paperback

Today is the day. My memoir Daughter of the Drunk at the Bar is out in paperback on Amazon. Like it’s been for many of the momentous occasions in my life, it feels a bit hollow. Sure, I should be proud. … Continue reading

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I O Mag-ed myself, and you can too!

I feel so sassy when I’m Oprah! If you’d like to get in on the fun, you can O Mag your own self here. All the cool kids are doing it. If you’d like to read Daughter of the Drunk at … Continue reading

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Road Trip Summer

The header above is a note Seth left for his dad before we went on our road trip to Wisconsin. Usually, if I’m leaving on a trip, I leave notes where I think Todd will find them, but this time … Continue reading

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Executive Function

I have several phone calls to make. I have laundry to do. I am fixing Riley’s supplements. Where was I? Oh…I was going to call Lidi to see how she’s holding up since her dog died. Watching me spin my … Continue reading

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At least there was Fonzie

We went to the county fair today. Riley went on three rides. Seth went on two. I went on two. Todd went on one. All of us wound up ill from motion sickness. Apparently, we have delicate compositions. I win … Continue reading

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The Halloween Catalog

Every year a Halloween Costume catalog arrives in the mail. Riley desperately wants to flip through it. She wants to see the girlie girl costumes. She wants to see the animal costumes. She LOVES Halloween. The catalog calls to her. But … Continue reading

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Appreciation for Dr. Bernadine Healy (August 4, 1944 — August 6, 2011)

-Former head of the NIH. -Former president of The American Red Cross -Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins -Former Chairman of the Cleveland Clinic Research Institute -Believed we should not close the door on the autism/vaccine link hypothesis.

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A Breath of Fresh Air in Wisconsin

The kids and I left HT home and took a road trip to Wisconsin over the last few days. Just got back last night. Vast, open spaces. Ahhhh. I’ve got so much swirling around in my brain to write, I … Continue reading

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New Windows

We had more fun with the window guy. July was so FREAKING hot. Our windows were paper thin. The sun baked the back of the house every morning. The front of the house every afternoon. She’s a brick… Therefore, it … Continue reading

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Today….we veg

On Wednesday and Thursday we got new windows. I spent the next two days cleaning up a layer of sawdust and dirt off of every surface of the house. R & S completed six weeks of day camp on Friday. … Continue reading

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