A Visit From Gramma

Wednesday night I dreamed of my grandmother. I was outside on a patio, in bright sun, there were people milling around, and then…. there she was in front of me, dressed in all white. All white cotton, and a white sun hat. I was overjoyed and I hugged her and started to cry. I had not seen her in such a long time.

She smiled and hugged me back, her bony frame just as it always was. Petite and strong. It felt so familiar to be with her. It also felt like relief. Like she’d been lost to me and I’d found her.

Pulling back from our embrace to study her face, I asked, “How long can you stay?”

She smiled gently and replied, “I’m going to be here for nine years.”

Thrilled, I hugged her even harder.

My grandmother died in 1997 and this was my first dream visit with her. I can only imagine what the next nine years have in store for me, but with her help, I know I can do anything.

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12 Responses to A Visit From Gramma

  1. Lydia says:

    Oh, how I wish I could dream of my Daw! Hug her and smell her 🙂 She always smelled sooo good. Very cool, Michelle.

  2. Amanda says:

    There’s nothing quite like grandparents that’s for sure.

  3. Wanda says:

    OH, wow!~ 9 years…how lovely.

  4. amber says:

    First thing I thought was that she would come ’round for another trip in nine years. Wonder who she’ll be? Lucky you to have her hanging around you til then.


  5. naomi says:

    I love how much that picture of your Grandma tells of who she is…the direct gaze, the smile that looks like it’s about to break into a mischievous laugh, she’s lovely!
    How wonderful to get to hug her again.

  6. Michelle O'Neil says:

    I took the pic Naomi. She was looking at me. That’s her look, like “aren’t I silly to be posing like this for a picture,” then she would roll her eyes and say, “Vanity!” And then she would wink. Her hand is unconsciously resting on her sore hip, which she eventually would get replaced, and proclaim she wished she’d have done it ten years sooner. That look is the same look she gave me the last time I saw her, in the hospital, we never thought she’d go that night, the look was, “I’m so silly to be causing you and Todd to be here, making so much trouble.”

    She was no trouble.

  7. kat says:


  8. redheadmomma says:

    what a lovely dream and a lovely grandma. love it. XOXO

  9. Courtney says:

    Love this post.

  10. kario says:

    So glad she came to you and that she’ll be hanging around for a while. It’s nice to have that grandma-love in your back pocket!

  11. mom says:

    How she loved that trumpet vine calling her humming birds to visit–a gift from Gramma Haun. Her favorite place was on that deck feeding the chickadee’s and watching the humming birds. So many memories of her there. I am so glad that your hearts have connected again.

  12. rhemashope says:

    yes, i love that picture of her. i’m sure she’s always with you.

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