The Makepeace Brothers and other good things

The Makepeace Brothers performed at the Agape Revelations Conference.

Listen to their song Thank You here. They are dreamy young men with a sound similar to Paul Simon.

Talk about a rampage of appreciation!

It was so good to go to the conference, and it is so good to be back. I’ve spent the last 24 hours breathing in my children and my husband.  One of the processes Abraham recommended at the conference was to enter any situation and find ten things to appreciate about it. So…I’m sitting in my kitchen presently, and here we go:

1) I love my childrens’ art all over the walls.

2) I love the black and white photo of my grandmother and my brother Donny when he was three. He is so little and adorable and I loved my grandmother.

3) I love the back story behind the photo, how Donny’s twin refused to be in the picture. He was mad at Gramma. I love that even then, he stood his ground and knew who he was.

4) I love the water cooler/filter that gives us pure clean water to drink without ever having to lug jugs around.

5) I love my baking stones, acquired over the years. A sheet, a muffin tin, a pizza stone. Heavy as hell, all piled on the shelf above my oven.

6) I love the clay plates the kids made. We use them a lot.

7) I love the string art Riley has been making with her tutor and I love how she is handling her emotions when she gets frustrated doing it.

8) I love the mats under the dog bowls, because they remind me of the concert we had to raise money for Jingle and all the love that poured toward us the second we surrendered and asked for help.

9) I love how Riley is playing Lego with her brother and how she is willing to join him in his passions.

10) I love my computer, and how easy it is to take and download pictures.

Ten things.


And it really lifts your mood.

Gotta go read Harry Potter with the kids. We’re starting book four today. Wishing you a delicious day, filled with wonderful things to appreciate.


All is well….

Green mat, third in on the left, closest row.

I’m in LA. Typing this from my balcony on the 17th floor. The picture was taken yesterday at 7AM from my friend Kathy’s room. We are at the Agape International Spiritual Center’s Revelations Conference. Amazing speakers. Incredible music. Abraham was here today. So much to take in. So much expansion. So much love here. The energy is incredible.

I’ve met many wonderful people. I’ve been prayed for. I’ve been massaged. I’ve had energy work done on me. I’ve been singing and dancing.

I’ve talked to my Hot Toddy and the kiddos on the phone, and felt the love from there. I am so very full right now.

My life is a good life.

And it is only getting better.

I love my family. I love my friends. I love the breeze blowing through my hair. I love my understanding of spirituality.  I love knowing I am one of God’s perfect ideas, and so are you. I love the sounds of happy people swimming in the pool 17 stories below. I love knowing I will be going to a banquet tonight, and there will be music. GOOD music, and I love knowing I’ll be dancing.

Ripples and ripples of appreciation for it all.


No really, you shouldn’t have!

I’ve started and deleted several blog posts lately. In the middle of writing, I’ve looked at my own words and asked, “What is your intention here?”

I am a staunch believer in Law of Attraction. What you focus on gets bigger. Sometimes focusing on what I don’t want; that annoying situation or person right in front of my face, is sooo very tempting.

I could be really witty about it. Everyone would agree with me. It’d make a great story.

But is this what you want more of in your life? I ask myself.



It isn’t.

No matter what situation I’m presented with, there is another way of looking at it. Many ways of looking at it. Those who challenge us, cause us the most growth.

Thank you situation/person for the expansion! You shouldn’t have!  

I don’t know how it is all unfolding, but I do know when you focus on what you do want, and spend less time worrying about what you don’t, things have a way of working out. 

They really do.

Now, what is it I do want….? Let’s see. Let’s see. Ah, yes.  

Pardon me, while I pivot in that direction.

Segment Intending

There is a process in the book Ask and it is Given called Segment Intending. Basically it consists of breaking your day up into segments and setting intentions as you go about your business.

Getting in the shower is a segment. Drying off and stepping into the bedroom to get dressed is a segment. Herding the children through getting dressed/hair brushing/face washing is a segment.

It takes practice. I look forward to the day I will go more than an hour or two remembering to segment intend.

Homework is often a landmine in our house. Riley’s anxiety runs high, and she’s already tired. This evening, I remembered to set my intention as we transitioned into the homework segment.

I am going to be happy, no matter what.

Without even thinking, I said, “If you two get through homework, with no fussing, I will do a crazy chicken dance for you.”

They flew to their respective stations. His in the dining room, hers in the kitchen.

As they got to work, I said from the other room, “I sure hope at least one of you fusses, because I do not want to do a crazy chicken dance! That would be so embarrassing.”

They dug in, with delighted expressions on their faces.

At one point, Riley started to ramp up.

“Riley? Are you about to fuss? I sure hope so!”

She ramped it back down.

We went over Seth’s spelling words and I begged him to fuss just a little. He would not.

Next we reviewed for Riley’s science test.

“One little fuss? Please?”

She wasn’t budging.

When they finished everything, I did my dance.

The craziest chicken dance you can imagine, and then something really embarrassing happened.

I laid an egg.

You see, as they were finishing up, I actually took an egg out of the fridge, and put it in the back of my undies. I danced ’til it fell out the bottom of my shorts, dropping on the kitchen floor and cracking.

The crowd went wild.

intended to be happy.

We had a wonderful evening.


*No chickens were harmed in the writing of this blog post.