Yippity Snip

This is the face of someone who is about to be neutered. We’ve held off, because the thought of complications, the thought of anything happening to this dog… let’s just say Seth lives for him. It would be bad. I know….it’s silly to worry about it. Dogs get neutered every day. Not a big deal.

But recently young Yip lifted his leg at the corner of my bed. My bellow of “NOOOOOOOOOOOO,” stopped him before he peed, but how many other little marks has be left around when we weren’t looking? And…last night I saw him humping Jingle’s arm. She was just lying on the floor, holding it out for him, ever accommodating. He comes up to her shin, but whatever.

He’s a darling dog. A snuggly little guy, who adores his people, and can’t bear to be out of our sight.

Hopefully he’ll still feel the same way about us after the snip snip.

Wish him luck.

5 thoughts on “Yippity Snip

  1. Love the pictures! He looks positively depressed in the first and deeply loved in the one with Seth. He’ll sail through just fine, I’m sure. Please post a photo of him in the “cone of shame.” 😉

  2. He’s pretty cute for a rat on a lead*…. sending you all happy thoughts while you wait and looking forward to seeing Yippee post op.

    *you know I don’t do small dogs – nothing below MY knee height – although exceptions are made

  3. That’s what we thought Amanda, but then you get to know him and it’s impossible not to fall in love with the Yipster.