Lost and Found

A woman at the conference lost her purse. When it was found, the $630.00 which had been in it was missing. Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith made an announcement about this at the dinner banquet last night, and asked the participants to each chip in a couple of bucks.

Her problem was solved in very short time. There was more than enough.

The extra money, will go to the offering basket at today’s service…to fund community projects at Agape.

Pretty cool.

The Universe is abundant.

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4 Responses to Lost and Found

  1. Amanda says:

    Really? At a conference like that? I’m surprised but great that everyone chipped in for her.

  2. Michelle O'Neil says:

    Yes, the conference is in a hotel, so it is not just conference participants. Could have been anyone. Found out today the collection made 1200 more than the 635! The thief actually helped Agape.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Wow. That’s an amazing story!

  4. Amanda says:

    Umm, hotels round here aren’t that big…. so I was kind of thinking it would be just you lot doing the whole love thing….

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