The Makepeace Brothers and other good things

The Makepeace Brothers performed at the Agape Revelations Conference.

Listen to their song Thank You here. They are dreamy young men with a sound similar to Paul Simon.

Talk about a rampage of appreciation!

It was so good to go to the conference, and it is so good to be back. I’ve spent the last 24 hours breathing in my children and my husband.  One of the processes Abraham recommended at the conference was to enter any situation and find ten things to appreciate about it. So…I’m sitting in my kitchen presently, and here we go:

1) I love my childrens’ art all over the walls.

2) I love the black and white photo of my grandmother and my brother Donny when he was three. He is so little and adorable and I loved my grandmother.

3) I love the back story behind the photo, how Donny’s twin refused to be in the picture. He was mad at Gramma. I love that even then, he stood his ground and knew who he was.

4) I love the water cooler/filter that gives us pure clean water to drink without ever having to lug jugs around.

5) I love my baking stones, acquired over the years. A sheet, a muffin tin, a pizza stone. Heavy as hell, all piled on the shelf above my oven.

6) I love the clay plates the kids made. We use them a lot.

7) I love the string art Riley has been making with her tutor and I love how she is handling her emotions when she gets frustrated doing it.

8) I love the mats under the dog bowls, because they remind me of the concert we had to raise money for Jingle and all the love that poured toward us the second we surrendered and asked for help.

9) I love how Riley is playing Lego with her brother and how she is willing to join him in his passions.

10) I love my computer, and how easy it is to take and download pictures.

Ten things.


And it really lifts your mood.

Gotta go read Harry Potter with the kids. We’re starting book four today. Wishing you a delicious day, filled with wonderful things to appreciate.


The Source Which Created the Universe and Everything In It, Doesn’t Play Favorites

What would your life be like if you knew, really knew God loved you as much as everybody else?

This was a question (paraphrased) posed by Hans Christian King, one of the speakers at the conference I just attended. Hans had an amazing presence. People asked him questions, and he countered their inquiries with so much love…some of them squirmed, and tried to kind of move away from it. Not physically, but they’d start rambling or jump to a new question and he would interrupt them and bring them back, and force them to really be in the love,

“Wait a minute,” he’d say. “I’m loving you.”


(I’m pretty sure this is the first “yowza” I’ve used in all the years of my blog).

It was really powerful. Most of us are uncomfortable with that kind of full out loving attention. Plus there were about a thousand people in the room, more reason to squirm.

So, yowza. I just remembered there was a dance party Sat. and there was some disco going on and some “Freaking OUT!” and some “YOWZA, YOWZA, YOWZA” which put the fun word in my brain.  I love brains. They are so fun, and mysterious, how they work.

At the dance party Sat. I saw Hans standing on the wall. Everyone was dancing. Ricky Byers was playing some mo-town music,

“We’re having a party. Everybody’s singing. Listnin’ to the music, on the radio….”

In my joy I bopped over to Hans and asked him if he wanted to dance. He kindly said, no, and reminded me of his bum leg. Standing along the wall, I put my arm around him and did a little bopping, and he politely excused himself. SMACKDOWN! The whole exchange took about 30 seconds. I walked away feeling ashamed and began berating myself.

I shouldn’t have done that.

He was having a good time, and probably has had hundreds of conference participants globbing onto him. He’s probably tired of it.

Wasn’t he using some kind of cane the other day? How thoughtless of me to ask him to dance!

I pushed it aside, and continued dancing and having fun…but deep in the back of my mind, or maybe not too far back at all….the self-criticism remained.

After the party, alone in my room…my ego came back full force. But I was at a conference about unconditional love. That’s what Agape means. I stood in the bathroom, looked in the mirror and said,


“Is that the best you’ve got ego? Is that the worst thing I’ve done lately? Then I’m doing pretty damn well aren’t I?”

And just like any bully, my ego slunk away when called out on the table.

I refuse to be mean to myself anymore.

God loves me as much as anyone else.