Happy Birthday Hot Toddy

The photo above is the drawing on Seth’s birthday card for his dad. The smiley face with the party hat and the…what? Sticking out of its mouth?

Yes, today is Todd’s birthday. He is presently sleeping in. If you don’t count the fact that he got up at 6 to take the puppy out. But he went right back to sleep, promise.

Both kids got busy just now making cards. Both seem to think he’s the best dad ever.

Here he is being cute when we lived in Virgina.

Here he is below being cute playing chat pack with the kids.

Here he is being cute scraping my van.
Here he is being cute at a restaurant.

We were planning to do something fun outside, perhaps the zoo, or a hike, but the rain is coming down. We have an ice cream cake ordered for later. Oh…and we might go to a Japanese restaurant and watch the show today. He doesn’t really care what he does, as long as it’s with us.

So, Seth…explanation?

It’s a noise maker.

“Those things you blow and they come unrolled?” Seth explained.

Not a cigarette. Not any kind of cigarette.

Thank you for clearing that up boy.

Thank you Todd, for working so hard for us and loving us so much, (and for never smoking). We love you right back.

Happy Birthday, my love.

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Hot Toddy

  1. I knew it was one of those things. 😉

    Happy day, HT! I hope you know how loved you truly are. I suspect you do…

  2. Happy Birthday to Todd! (he’s cute). 😉

    I thought it was a lollypop stick.


  3. Sending along belated birthday wishes to Todd! Hope it was a great day and the start to a fabulous year. 🙂