Karen Weaverisms

In honor of her birthday…I give you lessons from Karen Weaver, Director of Windsong, Cleveland’s feminist chorus…

1)Show up

2)Be on time

3)Asking forgiveness is easier than asking persmission

4)Encourage others

5)Stop talking!

6)Wait for your freaking cue

7)Observe rests

8)Work in pencil

9) Take responsibility for your own learning

10) Take risks

Bonus:  Never sing beyond the beauty of your own voice.

3 thoughts on “Karen Weaverisms

  1. I’m quite sure I’ve heard her say that Alto’s rule and soprano’s drool!

  2. Yeah! Wait for your freaking cue!

    Love this. I am so moving to Cleveland. I think the Chamber of Commerce ought to put you on the payroll for being their evangelist. Honestly.