The day Mommy went for a ride…

So yesterday…I was on the treadmill, mindin’ my own business. Listening to Mozart, not a usual pick for me but there it was, so I put the CD in my “Walkman” (yes Walkman…Riley is the only one in this house with an ipod), and I was moving along at a fast clip. Riley’s tutor was set to arrive soon, so for a brief second I hopped off the treadmill to open the window shades so I would see her pull into the driveway. Stepping back onto the moving treadmill I was careful to place my left foot on the edge, then I swung my right foot over to the other side, to get my bearings before hopping back on the moving conveyor belt. Only thing is, my left toe hit the belt, while my right leg was still swinging mid air toward the other side.


I wiped out good.

Landing on my right elbow, my left hand, my right knee and yes, my butt, I quickly was taken for a ride, the length of the conveyer belt and spit off the treadmill onto the floor. My Walkman went flying and crashed. Mozart, the headphones, and the batteries parted ways…all in different directions.

The cat rose from his position on the bed, concerned.

It took me a second to realize I was not seriously hurt, and then I just laid on the floor laughing hysterically. My children were in the next room, singing at the top of their lungs along with Riley’s ipod to new Glee songs we’d just uploaded the night before. I could have been dead and they would not have noticed.

The cat readjusted himself, and sunk back into the down comforter on our bed.

The tutor came. I acted cool.

This morning, everything hurts, especially my pride.

This is my finger today. Swollen and purple. Can’t even begin to get my rings off.
(Thank you macro lens. Do I need to start shaving my knuckles)?

In other weird news….Seth has this thing where he rolls his eyes back to freak people out. It lasts just a second and he enjoys the reaction he gets. I said to him, “Seth…you can’t really see what that looks like, ’cause your eyes are in the back of your head. Let me take a pic to show you.” He was all for it, until he saw it.

Perhaps no one has been more freaked out by it than Seth himself. We’ll see if it stops.

This morning another strange thing happened. When we woke up, Riley and Seth were downstairs, fully dressed and ready to roll. Getting dressed has always been a difficult process for Riley. There is so much to worry about with it. Do things match? Might there be the tiniest speck of a stain on something? Is what she picked appropriate for the weather? Does it itch? Might there be a fuzzy on something? The list goes on and on. But today, there she was, proud as a peacock. Fully dressed,

“And I told Seth to get dressed too,” she beamed. Both of them stood there, full of themselves, and Todd and I reacted with huge,


So I may be a little achey. But I am grateful I wasn’t seriously hurt. I may have a weird son, but he’s also the sweetest little guy on earth. My kids might not notice a huge thud and their mother crumpled on the floor laughing hysterically, but they got dressed this morning with no drama.

The sun is shining brightly in Cleveland, and today is a good day.

P.S. It went a little something like this, minus the dancing.

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8 Responses to The day Mommy went for a ride…

  1. Heather says:

    Three things:

    1) Ouch!
    2) Wow, that eye thing is a little freaky, and
    3) Waa-hoooooo for Riley & Seth and no getting dressed drama!

    Love & hugs. (ok, so the love & hugs part makes 4 things, forgive me ;o) )

  2. kario says:

    Bubba went for a ride on a treadmill once. In a crowded gym. He was watching the TV suspended above him and really getting into the soccer match. He lost a step, fell on his hip and rode the length of the treadmill until it spat him off in a heap. I was on the one next to him and, for a split second, didn’t know whether to go to his aid or pretend I didn’t know him…

    Glad you’re okay. Thrilled the kids got themselves ready on their own!

  3. Brian says:

    All I can say is: “Ptui”!

  4. -e- says:

    ouch indeed. Hey, on a side note, I work in the jewelry biz. If you can’t get your rings off in the next day or 2, you should have them cut off… it looks like they are constricting the flow of fluids in and out of your finger, and that could cause problems. Most jewelry shops that do repair have a little tool that will carefully cut them, and then you can have them welded back together once your finger heals.

    It is accidents like this that are the main reason we will not sell steel or tungsten bands in our shop… can’t be cut off.

  5. Amanda says:

    On the floor laughing with you! 😀

    but that finger does look sore – I agree about getting your rings off too.

  6. Kelly says:

    I am completely clutzy so I may have resembled that accident myself at one time or another, and I always end up laughing harder than anyone else. I mean it’s pretty funny right, you know, except for that finger picture? Yowsa.

    Fantastic on the kids getting dressed. It’s the little things that sometimes are the hardest and yet mean the most, right? Congrats to them!

  7. Wanda says:


  8. amber says:

    OMG that finger looks bad, sweetcheeks! 🙁

    …good thing that wasn;t your nose pickin’ finger.


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