Happy Birthday to Yip

I’m not one to celebrate the birthdays of our pets.

But my children are. And what the heck. It’s fun posting pics of puppies. Today Mr. Yip is one year old. That’s him above with his litter mates. The baby in the middle with the pink nose. The picture was taken by the breeder we got him from. She made us a whole album.

Aren’t roly polie puppies the best?

Here he is before he got his ears.

Now he’s nine pounds. Large for a Chihuahua, just like we wanted. Something a little hardier, for the boy.

He’s a great little dog. So cuddly and affectionate. Rarely barks. Murder to housebreak though. He’s still not 100% there. We take him out every hour or two, but if we forget, he just lets it fly. I’m so glad we have hardwoods for easy and sanitary clean-up, and not carpets. The one area of carpet we do have, on the stairs….he ruined it anyway…not by peeing but by chewing.  Ah…the price of having a puppy and leaving him unattended for twenty minutes.

We’ve had him for nine months. Seth’s love for him only grows stronger. He picks him up and kisses him on the head a million times a day. Todd loves him too. He gushes over him, presenting him to me for cuteness affirmation before he takes him out at night. After I give the appropriate, “Aw,” they go on their way outside. Riley loves him too. She holds him like a baby and talks sweet to him.

I think he’s okay. For a Chihuahua.

All right, I admit it, I’m crazy about him too.

Happy Birthday Yippee.

I guess I am one to celebrate the birthdays of our pets after all.

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11 Responses to Happy Birthday to Yip

  1. Kim says:

    cute cute! Our boston was murder to housebreak too–but he’s pretty good now!

  2. Chris says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Yippee!!!!

  3. Wanda says:

    Woof woof arf, Yippee!

  4. KFuller says:

    Happy Birthday Yippee!

  5. Amanda says:

    You’ve had him that long already?? WOW!

    Any exzcuse for cake & candles in this house 😀

  6. kario says:

    Oh, my. That last picture slays me. And I’m not one for small dogs. But this one? I could make an exception…

  7. Courtney says:

    Happy birthday, Yippee! You seem nice for a dog. (I’m glad you don’t live at my house.)

  8. Courtney says:

    People reading Michelle’s blog: I really am a nice person; it’s just thatI like people way more than I like dogs.

  9. Michelle O'Neil says:

    Correction….Courtney doesn’t like dogs at all. Has no use for them. However, I’ve converted people more resistant than her. Right Carrie?

  10. Courtney says:

    There are two dogs out in the world that I like. Sometimes I see dogs on the street and think they are cute. But you’re right: I have no use for them.

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