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MJ Cirque de Soleil

We bought tickets over a year ago, thinking they were for Seth’s 9th birthday. It turned out the show wasn’t for another year, and so Seth? This was for your 10th birthday which is coming up in a couple of … Continue reading

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Pinterest and the Law of Attraction

Pinterest. You kind of have to do it to really understand it. Basically you can take whatever images appeal to you and post them to different boards(of your creation), and categorize the boards anyway you want, and create really cool … Continue reading

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Let’s Call Him Chip

I woke up with a large chip on my shoulder. Trying to snap out of it, I took Jingle for a long walk. It is a gloriously gorgeous day here in Cleveland, and I surprised myself, by just how miserable … Continue reading

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Would the teenage part of yourself be happy with who you are now?

Last night I had the good fortune of seeing Troubadours of Divine Bliss at Unity Center of the Heights. They are hard to explain. Kind of like The Indigo Girls but their songs mostly speak of Divine love, and with … Continue reading

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Who Do I Think I Am?

Last week the living room went from garish yellow to cappuccino. I like. Today The Maids came. My sister bought me a gift certificate almost a year ago and I never used it ’til now. And only now because they … Continue reading

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Seth’s Manifestation of His Puppy

One of the biggest regrets I had when I stopped blogging was not having the opportunity to share Seth’s puppy with you. Back in September, I did put up a piece about it over at my friend Betsy’s Autism Law … Continue reading

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Moving in the Right Direction

Since I talked with the campers last week, Riley has been jumping out of bed, getting dressed (in fly outfits, complete with accessories) with zero prodding, and she’s raring to go each morning. She is having a great time. Being understood is a good thing. … Continue reading

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Intolerant of Cruelty

Monday at Girls On the Run, we discussed bullying. What it is. Ways to deal with it. What to do if it occurs. Riley did fine during the general discussion. She participated. She did fine throughout the warm up exercises. … Continue reading

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It Might Be the Juice

1:48 AM and I’m up because I need a fucking cup of tea. It’s a crutch in times of stress. Not the tea, the swearing. Wiped out, I went to bed at 10:00PM and tried to sleep. It didn’t take, because my … Continue reading

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Richard Franklin Morse

One evening on the Caribbean cruise, I met Richard. He’s a singer. It was just before the karaoke show, (which I never would have participated in but enjoyed watching) and we discussed my public singing phobia. He used to have it too, and … Continue reading

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Elementals Living

Recently, I spent an evening in Peurto Rico with two love birds. Betsy is mom to three children, one of whom is a teenage boy with autism. Her husband John is a physician who uses holistic biomedical therapies to help kids on the spectrum obtain optimum … Continue reading

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On the plane ride to Ft. Lauderdale I met the coolest guy. We blabbed like a couple of little girls for hours, talking about everything! What a story he has. He and his partner were either the first, or one of … Continue reading

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Meeting Michael Monroe

Back in December I got an e-mail from Peter Beamish, director of The Secret Behind the Secret (I’m on his mailing list). He sends announcements of new videos he’s released, etc. Either that, or I was looking at Peter’s site,, … Continue reading

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I’m baaaack!

Got in a few hours ago. I had a wonderful time. Two days ago I was swimming and somersaulting, riding the beautiful blue waves pictured above, singing at the top of my lungs out in the ocean because no one could hear … Continue reading

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Pardon Me While I Nervously Babble On

Last night I dreamt I let Seth play outside in the snow and then forgot about him and went upstairs and took a nap. Three hours later I remembered him and unlocked the door to find him outside, shivering, crying, … Continue reading

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