MJ Cirque de Soleil

We bought tickets over a year ago, thinking they were for Seth’s 9th birthday. It turned out the show wasn’t for another year, and so Seth? This was for your 10th birthday which is coming up in a couple of months.

I thought since we got the tickets so very early, our seats would be great, but alas, they were just slightly lower than nosebleed. I felt bad. As we waited for the show to begin, I looked down at the section I would like to be sitting in and felt a little resentful. But then, my boy, he was happy. He was thrilled to be there. He didn’t care where we were sitting. I didn’t want my dissastisfaction to rub off on him so I vowed not to say any more, (Todd and I had already commented on our seats) and just enjoy the show. I thought how blessed we were. How lucky we were to get to come at all. How lucky we were to be all together. How amazing it is to see your child be so excited about something. I just tried to milk every little thing I could appreciate about the moment, and I did feel better.

And then, an usher came up to our row, and made a little anouncement out the corner of her mouth.

“There’s a lady in a grey shirt that is giving away seats on the lower levels. She’s just outside the doorway.”

Of the few of us that heard her, I’m the only one that initially hopped out of my seat. Riley and Seth hadn’t even heard her and wondered where the heck their crazy mother was going? The show was about to start! It sounded too good to be true.

It wasn’t.

I came back with the tix and a smile and then a few people around followed my lead.

We wound up in the section I had been coveting moments before.

And that is how Law of Attraction works. Let go. Appreciate the good you have and more good comes your way.

I do believe we had the best seats in the house.

And Seth. He loved it. He was rocking out! He could barely contain himself in his seat and thank goodness eventually everyone stood up and danced. It was as if no one was there but him, the way he was so into it. Throwing his hands in the air. Focused so sharply on what he was seeing. A tribute to his beloved MJ.

The acrobats and dancers. The special effects. The huge screens with images of MJ. The sound of his voice talking. The photos of him when he was little. The musicians. Seth was in heaven.

During Thriller, Riley leaned over to me and said, “I feel sorry for all the little kids that are here.” She was worried about children who might be scared.

Then, Seth, on my other side, leaned in and said, “I feel bad for the little kids.”

Both of them sharing the same concern, without knowing the other said it. Both super empathetic as a result of being touched by autism.

On the way out, Riley said, “I could not have handled that when I was little! But now I’m fine! I loved it!”

There was a human dressed up as a chimp as part of the show. Seth asked about it on the car ride home. We told him about Michael Jackson’s “Bubbles” and he said, “How come I never heard about that before?”

We talked about the Neverland Ranch that one of the sets was designed around. Again, he had no idea. For him it’s always been about the music which speaks to his heart, and of course, the dancing.

He knows that MJ died of an accidental drug overdose. He knows about the crazy propofol situation. The plastic surgery is obvious. But there is a lot about MJ we’ve protected him from.

Todd started to say something about the “stories” surrounding Michael Jackson, but I put my hand on his leg as we drove along, signaling him not to go any further.

“Not tonight,” I whispered. He immediately agreed.

Seth had the time of his nine year old life.

For now, we leave it at that.

Pinterest and the Law of Attraction


You kind of have to do it to really understand it. Basically you can take whatever images appeal to you and post them to different boards(of your creation), and categorize the boards anyway you want, and create really cool and inspiring collections. You can lift just about any image off the Internet to do it, and it links back to the site, thus crediting the source and driving traffic their way.

I’m new to it. Just joined last week, but I am loving it. To me it is one big vision board. One big pretty place, where people pin their dreams. It’s heavenly.

According to Law of Attraction, you get what you focus on. So if you are focusing on the pain and suffering of the world, you are creating more of it. Not to say you shouldn’t note the world’s dark side, and help in whatever way you can, but often we don’t. Often, we just wallow in the pain part and worry about the awful, thus creating more of it.

Pinterest is a place to focus on what pleases you.

It’s a little nook where it is okay to dream. And you get to glimpse at and be inspired by other people’s dreams. And it just keeps expanding and expanding and expanding.

And did I mention it’s pretty?

It is. So, pretty.

I love that people are pinning, dreaming beautiful dreams. Focusing on what interests them. I love the idea of a never ending vision board. I love all those hearts singing.

It makes me feel hopeful and happy. 

*Photo I pinned on the “Beautiful World” board I created, on Pinterest. Seth on the beach in Playa del Carmen. Happy, happy.

Let’s Call Him Chip

I woke up with a large chip on my shoulder. Trying to snap out of it, I took Jingle for a long walk. It is a gloriously gorgeous day here in Cleveland, and I surprised myself, by just how miserable I could be amongst all the spring beauty. The blossoms. The lake. The blue sky. The breeze. We all know happiness does not depend on place. You can be happy no matter where you are. Well, you can be grumpy no matter where you are too. I was once really grumpy while in the Bahamas. I snapped myself out of it pretty quickly, but still.

So today….people with their dogs off leashes irritated me. Their dogs were friendly, but they barreled down on us and Jingle, being restricted on a leash (like the law calls for) was threatened, and growled, and barked, and the big dog, nudged into me repeatedly trying to get his nose in the bag of treats I was holding.

I glared at their owner. Why? Why do people have to let their dogs run off leash in public places? It is so stressful for me to feel like Jingle might, out of fear, attack their dogs at any moment.

Why are people inconsiderate?

And why am I so angry?

Knowing intellectually how perception is a mirror, yada yada, I tried to think about areas in my life where I am/have been inconsiderate.

Couldn’t think of a thing. LOL.

My beef started yesterday with someone I encountered who has a history of acting pompous with me. It’s not just me, it’s pretty much everyone he encounters. Boy do I not like pomposity. It’s a big trigger. So let’s disect it from a LOA standpoint. I don’t feel I am arrogant. But what does an arrogant person really feel inside? Insecure. Bingo. We’re a perfect match. If I were standing in my power, really knowing Who I Am, someone else’s arrogance would feel amusing to me, not insulting.

Thank you pompous person for showing me where I still need to heal.

P.S. I still can’t stand you.

Would the teenage part of yourself be happy with who you are now?

Last night I had the good fortune of seeing Troubadours of Divine Bliss at Unity Center of the Heights. They are hard to explain. Kind of like The Indigo Girls but their songs mostly speak of Divine love, and with an accordion.

They were awesome! I have to say, I’ve been manifesting so many wonderful things as of late. I’d never heard of this band before, and suddenly there I was, blissing out listening to their inspiring music! Honoring the concept of Law of Attraction, whenever I am enjoying something lately, I’ve taken to appreciating myself for manifesting it. Go me! I figure I blame myself enough when things go wrong, it’s only fair to take credit when they go right!

During the set, they mentioned a question asked of them in a recent interview:

Would the teenage part of yourself be happy with who you are now?

Food for thought, no?

Not trying to sound conceited, but I believe my teen self would think I’m awesome. I have busted through so many barriers. Physically, mentally, educationally, financially, emotionally, spiritually. My teenage self didn’t think she was worth a damn. She had no idea Who She Was.

I’ve become the parent my teen self wished she’d had. I say that not with blame, or to inflict shame. My parents were 17 and 18 when they married. My father suffered horrible abuse as a child. My mother carried her own pain. They were unhealed kids, hoping the other would fix it, and neither had any tools.

Back to me….LOL. I’m so much more free now than when I was a teen, and I keep on growing in that area. Riley did that. Oh how I fought against it at first, but my daughter taught me how “different” can bring great freedom with it. She can’t be like everybody else. It’s not what she came here to do. Parenting her like “everyone else” was never going to work. Letting go has brought such richness to our experience.

My teenage self was dealing with so much. She acted tough, but she was always so afraid. I think she’d be happy to know I led her safely to 42. I think she’d love the kids. She always loved kids. I think she’d tell me to dress cooler and wear more jewelry. She’d appreciate HT’s integrity, and love who he is as a father. She’d insist I dance more.

I think she’d say, “You’re doing good.”

She knows proper grammar, but has never been a stickler for it. Kind of an “in your face” to a system that underestimated her.

She’d be glad I write.

She had a lot to say.

Who Do I Think I Am?

Last week the living room went from garish yellow to cappuccino. I like.

Today The Maids came. My sister bought me a gift certificate almost a year ago and I never used it ’til now. And only now because they called and said it would expire soon. And I knew I’d catch hell if I let that happen. And I didn’t want to seem ungrateful, because I’m not.

You see….I dream of having a cleaning service. I wish for it all the time. But there is always a reason not to. Money. That’s the big one of course. I never could justify it.

But wait, there’s more.

Today when The Maids arrived, I cringed at their big yellow car with its big advertisement parked in my driveway.

The neighbors will think I’m too lazy to clean my own house.
The neighbors will think we’re loaded.
The neighbors will judge me, I mean, I’m not even employed outside the home.
The neighbors will think, the neighbors will think, the neighbors will think.

Ludacris, I know, but there it was.

A team of four piled into the house and immediately set to work. One in the bathroom. One in the kitchen. One upstairs, one downstairs. They were hell on wheels. Two hours, four people scrubbing my house spic and span.

The maids are probably disgusted with my house.
The maids have probably never seen so much dust on a ceiling fan.
The maids probably resent having to scrub someone else’s toilets and floors.

I hid in our bedroom with the kids and the dogs, frantically e-mailing HT and my friend Betsy for pep talks. They delivered. ((LOVE)).

Yesterday, I spent a considerable amount of time, removing clutter from dresser tops, the dining room table, etc., boxing it up and putting it in the basement or my office so The Maids even could clean.

How am I constantly de-cluttering and still always finding more stuff piling up? Actually I recently figured out using the term “de-cluttering” is part of it. The energy behind the word is “anti.” I need a new word. I am not de-cluttering, I’m creating space. I’m organizing. I’m beautifying.

Anyway…this whole experience of having The Maids here was very eye opening. Very ridiculously stressful. Very shining a light on unhealed aspects of myself and saying, “Yoo-hoo? You ready to deal with this? Is now a good time?”

Before answering the question, I ran to the kitchen cabinet and ate four cookies. I knew I was emotionally eating. I knew. But you know what? It’s okay. I’ve done a lot worse than four cookies, and there was awareness, even as I dunked those babies in my coffee.

This isn’t about the neighbors. This isn’t about the maids. This isn’t even about money.

The issue is worthiness. It always is.

Who am I to have a good life?

Who am I to have help?

Who am I to ask for and/or receive support?

Who do I think I am?

Sitting here in my nice clean house, I am thankful.

One more layer peeled off.

Thankful to have this experience.

Thankful to have the luxury, the time and space to think about my response to these questions.

Seth’s Manifestation of His Puppy

One of the biggest regrets I had when I stopped blogging was not having the opportunity to share Seth’s puppy with you.

Back in September, I did put up a piece about it over at my friend Betsy’s Autism Law of Attraction blog. Seth is the most positive person you are going to meet. No coincidence he’s also amazing at manifesting his heart’s desires.

Anyway…I hope you enjoy the story of Seth’s manifestation of Yippee.

They are one happy pair.

Moving in the Right Direction

Since I talked with the campers last week, Riley has been jumping out of bed, getting dressed (in fly outfits, complete with accessories) with zero prodding, and she’s raring to go each morning. She is having a great time. Being understood is a good thing.

At church yesterday, she went and got herself a reiki treatment. There are practitioners in the back offering rieki during each service. She says she finds it “relaxing.”

During the meditation, they turn out the lights and put on a star machine. It’s a projector, that makes the whole room look twinkley, sometimes you’ll spot a shooting star. The kids LOVE it. The adults do too. Something about the stars floating all over the room provides instant calm. I tend to close my eyes during meditation, but the kids watch the stars, always.

Anyway…after the service Riley decided she wanted to spend all her birthday money, and it would take all her birthday money, to buy a star machine of her own for her room.

Lolly asked about Law of Attraction in the comments yesterday. Off the top of my head, re: Riley’s running away as of late…let me take a look. Her running has been for different reasons each time. At the Botanical Gardens it was an overactive imagination causing her to scare herself. If I think about where my mind went when I couldn’t find her, you can see perhaps my own overactive imagination was going full throttle.  

At the beach, she was worried she wouldn’t fit in. Worried people would think she looked foolish without a bathing suit on. Worried about drawing negative attention to herself. The first thing that comes to mind from my own inner world is the singing. Yesterday our chorus had our listening party, where we played the CD from the recent concert, and as my solo came up, it was just as painful for me to hear it as it had been to stand there and sing it. I actually hid my face. Now…do you think these women gave a rip about my ten second solo? Were they all pointing fingers and whispering how much it sucked? Probably about as much as the people on the beach cared Riley was in shorts and t-shirt, and not a swimsuit. 

In the third scare, Riley ran ahead, because she wanted to be the first one back to the park area where we started. She thought she knew where she was going, she saw a structure that looked similar to where we began and headed that way. She wanted to be proud. Kind of like when Todd and I both leave in separate cars heading to the same place, (maybe we have separate places to go afterward), and I want to get there first. It’s fun. Maybe if I take this side street, I can miss that light and beat him. Riley has some physical challenges, (low tone, depth perception issues) which make it hard for her to feel mastery on a physical level. She was soaring along ahead, running, beating us all. She felt proud. I was just talking with a friend the other night about how one of the challenges of being a stay at home mom, is never quite feeling a sense of competence or mastery. There are no tangible measurements to go by. Especially with a child on the spectrum. No paycheck at the end of the week. No way to win.

My study of LOA tells me contrast creates expansion. There is a momentum that gathers in a difficult time which propels you forward if you do the work of changing your thoughts, and seeing things differently. Breaking patterns isn’t easy. It is work, it is hard. But not more hard than staying miserable.

If I do the work, (and there a many many processes I can use) I’ll be guided where I need to go to find relief. If I keep focusing on what is, I’ll get more of the same. 

So yeah, it’s been a little rough lately. I obviously have some work to do.

Setting intentions. 

Focusing on what I do want.

Appreciating what I have. 


Breathing, staying present, sometimes moment by fearful moment. 

As much as possible, associating with only postitive people, as if my life depends on it. Because it does.

Asking myself, when I get all worked up about something, “Is this worth dying over?”  

Cutting people a break when they “offend” me.  

Contacting the right people, when my ego threatens to take the reigns. You know who you are. Thank you.

So many things I can do to feel better. I’ll start right now.

And tonight, for a while, I’ll cuddle up with Riley under her stars.

Intolerant of Cruelty

Monday at Girls On the Run, we discussed bullying. What it is. Ways to deal with it. What to do if it occurs. Riley did fine during the general discussion. She participated. She did fine throughout the warm up exercises.

Then, each girl recevied a piece of paper with 8 different scenarios. They were to read a scenario, run a lap while considering said scenario, and in between laps write down what they would do in the given situation. 

Riley looked ahead to the second scenario, and emotionally fell apart. 

“You see a little girl in your neighborhood being bullied by older, bigger girls.” 

Crouching beside the school building, eyes full of tears, hands over her ears she repeated,

“I don’t want to think about this! I don’t want to think about this!”

The mere thought of anyone being mean to anyone else, for any reason, is intolerable  to her.

Two friends tried to comfort her. They offered words of encouragement and took turns staying with her. In the end, she finally was able to complete one out of eight laps.

Now, that’s a sad little story, isn’t it? 

Here’s the tale from a Law of Attraction standpoint.

There is a little girl, walking around in “the vortex.”  The vortex is her happy place, where All is Well. It isn’t really magical. It is her natural state, but to many it feels magical since they spend so much time bumping around miserably outside of the vortex themsleves. Riley, despite her meltdowns, spends more time in the vortex than most. She lives in there, feeling joy at the extreme, and it is so very painful for her to be yanked out of it. Thus the screaming.  

So adults, in their effort to prepare her for situations that “might” happen, warn her about things like bullying. It reminds her of a time when she was four, when some children left her out. It takes her to a place of feeling fearful and vulnerable, a place she wasn’t presently experiencing, but has now been brought back to, thus making her more likely to attract a bully, since bullies are always coming from fear and vulnerabilty themselves. Like attracts like. I’m not blaming children who are being bullied for attracting the bullies. “Attraction” does not mean the same as intentionally inviting. I’m not saying bullying is ever okay or that it should be tolerated. What I’m saying is the powerless and fearful vibration of a bully and their victim are always a match. 

And here’s the tricky part. What is good for one person, might be all wrong for someone else.   

When I was in my twenties, I was heavy duty into a full contact self-defense class. In terms of Law of Attraction, some might think taking the class would be inviting an attacker into my world. Thinking about attacks, practicing simulated scenarios, pummeling a “mugger” with my hands and feet, might just be a bad idea. You get what you think about, right? And that might have been true for some.

But for me, it was just the opposite. Since I felt like I knew how to protect myself, I no longer walked around feeling so scared and vulnerable. Giving off a vibration of strength, I was much less likely to be attacked.   

Some children might feel a lot safer, having a script, knowing what to say to a bully. They might feel empowered, and not have to think about it much thereafter. For Riley this exercise wasn’t the way to go. It made her more likely to be scared, and attract the very thing she fears.

Self-empowerment for Riley will come in through a different door. Aside from a couple of small playground skirmishes, she’s rarely been the target of any kind of cruelty. Educating her peers and the adults around her has been a crucial part of this. People are so thoughtful and understanding when they know what’s going on. For us, that’s where we will continue to focus.  

Nothing in this world is one size fits all, but if cruelty were as unfathomable to all, as it is to Riley, the world might be a much better place.

riley rainbow 1

It Might Be the Juice

1:48 AM and I’m up because I need a fucking cup of tea. It’s a crutch in times of stress. Not the tea, the swearing.

Wiped out, I went to bed at 10:00PM and tried to sleep. It didn’t take, because my baby girl is having a really hard go of it and I’m losing faith. My heart aches.

Todd worked late, came in to bed I don’t know around 12:30? 1:00?

He’s the only one who truly understands and I want to turn to him but I equally don’t want to, a million reasons why. A few sobs on his chest and I push him away.  

“I’m so sorry,” he says.

“If we really create our own reality, there is something seriously wrong with me,” I say.

He can’t help but laugh. I don’t.  

I tell him my darkest thoughts and he does not judge. 

Visions of her future that do not look good at all. Twisted wishes of her dying before us, because the idea of my precious girl winding up living in a psychiatric ward or on the streets is unbearable to me.

We go over the last couple of weeks. What’s different? Why is she so out of her mind?

Another horrid day at clay class. They are making Dr. Seuss houses and she had poured over her books all week, planning it in her head. She wanted to be there. She wanted to do it. No one is forcing Riley to go to fucking clay class. She flipped out attempting to roll out her first slab. She isn’t coordinated enough to do it easily on her own, but she refuses help. She didn’t want to look like a baby. Then she had a meltdown. Same story, different day. 

It’s a small homeschool class, just five other kids, sweet, sweet kids, who are kind and understanding but the blood curdling screaming was starting to upset them. They were cringing. It wouldn’t stop. I took her in the hall, and she couldn’t stop. I tried to take her down the hall, away from the class and she fought me. 

When she was tiny you could pick her up and remove her. Now, she is up to my chin. I resorted to dragging her by the arm, kicking and screaming down the hall, and Jingle did not like it. She BARKED furiously at me. She thought I was hurting Riley.    

In a brilliant grasp of sarcasm mid-meltdown Riley screamed,


I am so sick of having to be the room parent. The coach. The chaperon. Always there. Talking her off the ledge. She doesn’t want to need me and frankly, I could fucking do without it too Riley. 

Could it be the phenols? Every couple of years we get kicked in the ass with phenols. How is it I forget?

Phenols are those wonderfully healthy anti-oxidant good for your heart things found in lots of fruits, tomato sauce, red wine, etc. She does not tolerate them well if taken in high doses over time.

She’s been chugging apple juice.

The giant two gallon jug of apple juice from Whole Foods we bought a couple of weeks ago was so good we bought another the next week. To help keep her hydrated, you know, after the recent severe ’bout of constipation

Could it be, like Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, we’ve one giant mess creating another, bigger one?   

I wait ’til his first snores, then slink off downstairs for my tea.

While it steeps, I pour the fucking apple juice down the drain.

Richard Franklin Morse


One evening on the Caribbean cruise, I met Richard. He’s a singer.

It was just before the karaoke show, (which I never would have participated in but enjoyed watching) and we discussed my public singing phobia. He used to have it too, and overcame it. He said you have to really want it. I said, I didn’t think I really wanted it. I said I didn’t have confidence what I had to offer, was really a gift to those who might be listening.  

He said many times, if you just do it, the talent will come later. He said, he thought it was interesting I was in two choirs but afraid to sing.

I said, never mind.   

He said, The Beatles weren’t initially all that talented, but became genius. 

Goaded by Diana Leigh(another singing sensation) Richard brought his guitar and entertained us as we waited to get into the Abraham seminar one morning. The two of them got everyone singing. It was fun. Diana says it is a shame we have so many hang-ups about singing. She says in other cultures, people don’t worry about it. They just sing. It isn’t judged. Of course that’s easy for her to say because she is an amazing singer.


The moral of the story is, just singing is enough. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I’ll keep telling myself that.  

Here are some videos of Richard singing. He’s got his own channel on You Tube. 

His music is so much fun! Enjoy!



Check out Richard’s website here!

Elementals Living

Recently, I spent an evening in Peurto Rico with two love birds.

Betsy is mom to three children, one of whom is a teenage boy with autism. Her husband John is a physician who uses holistic biomedical therapies to help kids on the spectrum obtain optimum health. They live in Wisconsin. We were celebrating Betsy’s birthday, the day the picture above was taken.

Dr. John spends time early in the morning visualizing each patient he will be seeing, in their full perfection. Betsy oversees the day-to-day operations of their practice, Elementals Living and organizes national conferences and retreats on wellness-related issues. She’s also just finished a book on solutions for picky eating, and has a resume a mile long with one impressive accomplishment after the other! I’ll be writing more about her picky eating book here soon.

It is wonderful to meet another autism mom, who understands and seriously applies Law of Attraction principles to her life. I have so enjoyed getting to know her better over the last several months and to finally meet her in person on the cruise.

If you are looking for a bio-med doc in the Wisconsin area, John might be your guy. 

They also run a store out of their practice where you can buy all kinds of supplements, holistic remedies, books, special foods for special diets, etc.  

Do check it out!

P.S. I’ve put the store on my blog roll for future reference.


On the plane ride to Ft. Lauderdale I met the coolest guy. We blabbed like a couple of little girls for hours, talking about everything! What a story he has. He and his partner were either the first, or one of the first (can’t remember) gay couples to adopt a child in our state. Their child went through quite a journey as a little guy to get to them. That child is now a teenager. He is smart, and kind. He is in a gifted program and will be graduating high school with a college degree. This kid is going places! He also has a best friend with Asperger’s, which warms my heart.

I was off to cruise the Caribbean. Ed was on his way to help several children who were up for adoption in Haiti before the earthquake, get to the U.S. to begin their new lives.

I just really liked him.

And then we parted ways.

And I regretted not having taken his picture. I mean, I felt such a connection!

I really did.


But, ask and it is given!

He was on my flight home, in the seat right in front of me! Look at that beautiful smile! IMG_2375

 The Universe never ceases to amaze me.

Meeting Michael Monroe

Back in December I got an e-mail from Peter Beamish, director of The Secret Behind the Secret (I’m on his mailing list). He sends announcements of new videos he’s released, etc. Either that, or I was looking at Peter’s site, www.aura.ca, I can’t remember which. Regardless, somehow I stumbled upon this video of musician Michael Monroe. He’s got a lot of fans, but I don’t get out much, so I wasn’t familiar with him. His song moved me so much I posted the video on my blog.  

Three months later I’m at dinner, on a cruise ship on the Caribbean with my new friend Piya, and who should sit down at our table? Michael and his beautiful wife Deb.


Of course Deb claimed we sat at their table, since it had been the one they’d sat at every night of the cruise thus far!

Aren’t they a gorgeous couple? Deb and I were on the same side of the table and had a really nice conversation. She is a life coach, specializing in helping performers achieve their goals. She gave me some great personal advice I plan on implementing. We talked about my dream of supporting our family financially and how I’ve been writing for a while now, but not really making any money at it. She said I need to start charging for something. Yes, for my writing, but for the time being, for anything. Even if it is charging Todd money for housework, and even if the money gets folded right back into our household. Just to get the money energy moving in me. Just to affirm the value of my services. Interesting notion, aye?  

After dinner, Piya went for a hot stone massage, and Deb and Michael invited me along with them to a cocktail party. There were many people we knew there, and new ones to meet! I had a lovely time.

After that, I ran into them everywhere!



For more info on Michael’s beautiful and inspiring music go here.

For info on Deb’s coaching services, e-mail mm@michaelmonroe.info.

Life is good.

“Everything is as it should be.”


I’m baaaack!

Got in a few hours ago. I had a wonderful time. Two days ago I was swimming and somersaulting, riding the beautiful blue waves pictured above, singing at the top of my lungs out in the ocean because no one could hear me over the crashing water. I’d not been so free since I was a child. So much to write about, but today I will do nothing besides inhale my family. Life is beautiful.



Lovingly yours,


Pardon Me While I Nervously Babble On

Last night I dreamt I let Seth play outside in the snow and then forgot about him and went upstairs and took a nap. Three hours later I remembered him and unlocked the door to find him outside, shivering, crying, practically blue. I undressed him and put him in a lukewarm bath and turns out he was okay. No frostbite. He even forgave me, but I left my baby out in the cold!

So yeah. I’m leaving tomorrow for the Caribbean, and I’m totally fine with it. It’s going to be fantastic. I’m not going to worry one bit.

I’ve made plans to meet up with a group of five others to go out on a sailboat on St. Patty’s day, in St. Thomas, and hopefully I won’t wind up green with seasickness. My sweet pharmacy man has hooked me up with all kinds of anti-nausea meds, so I’ll be fine.

A three hour tour. A three hour tour.

My friend Betsy will be having a birthday celebration one evening on the cruise, so that will be fun.

I’ve hardly ever been away from the kids for this long. I went to a writing workshop in Colorado a few years back and I was gone for a week. It was life changing and incredible, but it was tough. It was camping and it was writing and processing and very productive. I started writing in earnest as a result. It was an experience of a lifetime but I came back exhausted.

This trip is pure fun. Pure luxury. Can you feel it? I’m gonna faint.

I’ll take lots of pictures, but I am not bringing my computer. I repeat, I am not bringing my laptop.


I’ve got some posts lined up for while I’m gone, it will be Full-Soul-Ahead, light. I’ve tried to talk HT into guest posting but he’s not taking the bait.

I am mostly packed. Seth is skipping school in the morning so they can all drive me to the airport. I’ll spend the night in Florida and then Sat. I get on the ship!

Oh, and Riley will be attending her FIRST slumber party while I am away, but I’m fine with it. 


Actually, it could not be a more perfect plan. The b-day girl lives on our street and her mother is a social worker(specializing in kids) who loves Riley and has no qualms about being with her. She is a Girls on the Run coach and Riley knows her well and her girls are precious and loving and sweet. I’ve got the new jammies, and the new sleeping bag ready (Riley insisted her old one was for babies), and the b-day present is set to go.

It’s going be great!
Everything is going to be fine!

HT has it under control!

I’m going to leave you with a song we are learning in choir. Just got the music yesterday and God Bless You Tube for always having a version of every song I ever need to learn. The kids on the video are adorable. Their shirts say, “Child of Song.” I think that might be the name of their choir, and I just love the concept. 

Catch ya’ when I get back my sweets.

Lovingly yours,