Set Me As a Seal Upon Your Heart

Being an autism mom has drastically reduced my tolerance for disrespect.

Our old dentist, had this thing going on with his assistant. He treated her like she was not smart. She took it, meekly.

It made me squirm.

Then…one day, when I mentioned Riley, her Asperger’s and associated anxiety regarding dentists, he said,

“The problem with kids and anxiety at the dentist is 99% of the time, the parents.”

And we were done.

I’ve avoided the phone calls from his office, wanting me to make appointments for cleanings for over six months. I had not found a new dentist and didn’t want to end the relationship (in case one of us got a toothache in the meantime) until we found a new one.

Referred by a friend, I went to a new dentist this week. He inquired about why I left the old one. I hesitated, not wanting to be negative…but then thought it might be good information for him to have. Do not blame autism parents, for our childrens’ behavior. You have no idea how long and hard we have worked with our children to help them. No idea.

His reaction to what the last dentist said was stronger than I expected. You see….he has an 18 year old son with autism.

This is my new dentist’s boy. He is non-verbal but proficient at sign language. He is signing in front of a crowd of 900 at a school assembly. Check out his killer smile!

Besides being dentists, his parents run a website called, which helps match children with autism and tutors who want to work specifically with that population. There is a vast amount of valuable info on various autism resources on the site.

The cool thing is, I don’t think my friend who recommended this dentist, even knew he had a kid on the spectrum.

I love it when The Universe winks at us like that.

12 thoughts on “Set Me As a Seal Upon Your Heart

  1. Chills — both for the wink from the universe (love it!) and for the video of that magnificent performance.

    Oh, the blessings that come when we least expect them!

  2. Wow, just wow. That is amazing. That connection and that performance will leave me smiling the rest of the day.

  3. Sometimes our universe SCREAMS in our ear. I love it when it happens. If I could just remember to listen more often.
    We also have a new dentist that I picked based on how kind his face looked when I met him in at a health fair. I learned on my first visit, he has a brother with Autism.

  4. Ai yai yai! Goosebumps starting at my forehead and flushing all the way down to my toes. I love it! So glad you opened up and told him the truth. That must have taken a lot of courage.

  5. What a great idea! Hope that website gets publicised far and wide – wish there was one this side of the pond as I know a few parents who could use it…

  6. Um, yeah. I don’t need to say it, but… no accidents.
    That really and truely kicks ask.