Ten Grands

I stumbled upon this the other day. Ten pianists. Ten grand pianos. Raising money for kids in Oregon and Washington who otherwise would not get to take part in the arts in schools due to budget cuts.

I love when something which appears to be a limit, causes something beautiful to happen, and it’s like, “Yo…limit? You mean nothing.”

How cool to see ten grand pianos being played at once. Though on the video one must be off camera ’cause I swear I’m only counting nine. For more info on Ten Grands check out The Snowman Foundation by clicking here.

And when you see a limit today…remember…there is always a way around it.

5 thoughts on “Ten Grands

  1. NO, there is only 9, and there are only 9 names on the front of the video so maybe the idea was the tenth grand was to be the money coming in? I don’t know, but “9 grand” doesn’t have the same impact as ten…

  2. HaHa! I have it, there really is 10 – one crammed up in the top right corner – forget the name thing, I just can’t count without my daughter here who (I don’t care this isn’t the place to boast, I’m going to anyway) can now count to 10 out loud 😀 Get that? Out loud with clear pronunciation!