Let’s Call Him Chip

I woke up with a large chip on my shoulder. Trying to snap out of it, I took Jingle for a long walk. It is a gloriously gorgeous day here in Cleveland, and I surprised myself, by just how miserable I could be amongst all the spring beauty. The blossoms. The lake. The blue sky. The breeze. We all know happiness does not depend on place. You can be happy no matter where you are. Well, you can be grumpy no matter where you are too. I was once really grumpy while in the Bahamas. I snapped myself out of it pretty quickly, but still.

So today….people with their dogs off leashes irritated me. Their dogs were friendly, but they barreled down on us and Jingle, being restricted on a leash (like the law calls for) was threatened, and growled, and barked, and the big dog, nudged into me repeatedly trying to get his nose in the bag of treats I was holding.

I glared at their owner. Why? Why do people have to let their dogs run off leash in public places? It is so stressful for me to feel like Jingle might, out of fear, attack their dogs at any moment.

Why are people inconsiderate?

And why am I so angry?

Knowing intellectually how perception is a mirror, yada yada, I tried to think about areas in my life where I am/have been inconsiderate.

Couldn’t think of a thing. LOL.

My beef started yesterday with someone I encountered who has a history of acting pompous with me. It’s not just me, it’s pretty much everyone he encounters. Boy do I not like pomposity. It’s a big trigger. So let’s disect it from a LOA standpoint. I don’t feel I am arrogant. But what does an arrogant person really feel inside? Insecure. Bingo. We’re a perfect match. If I were standing in my power, really knowing Who I Am, someone else’s arrogance would feel amusing to me, not insulting.

Thank you pompous person for showing me where I still need to heal.

P.S. I still can’t stand you.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Call Him Chip

  1. Ah, we can always like the lessons while not liking the teachers. Hope you are enjoying happiness today. xo

  2. I had a similar experience this weekend after meeting dozens of new families at a practice campout for the girls. I was feeling judgement all over the place and puffing myself up to let everyone know how Important I am and had to stop and reflect on how and why I was feeling so crappy. Powerful stuff, this! Uncomfortable, enlightening, powerful stuff.