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Meeting Michael Monroe

Back in December I got an e-mail from Peter Beamish, director of The Secret Behind the Secret (I’m on his mailing list). He sends announcements of new videos he’s released, etc. Either that, or I was looking at Peter’s site, www.aura.ca, … Continue reading

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My Abraham-Hicks Hot Seat Experience, Part Two

For Part I, click here. Confusion came over me as I made my way in slow motion to the steps. Walking across the stage toward the chair, I looked back at Todd in the audience and raised my eyebrows as if to say, … Continue reading

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My Journey to the Abraham-Hicks Hot Seat

When Seth was just a few months old, an acquaintance asked me if he was named after “Seth,” of the Seth books. I had no idea what she was talking about, but I looked into it, and the first Seth … Continue reading

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Be Kind.To You.

“The surest way to disconnect from Who You Really Are is to find a reason, any reason to criticize yourself. It’s almost as bad to criticize others, but the very worst thing you can do is criticize you, because it … Continue reading

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He thinks a little pre-paving might be in order…

“Time to start homework!” I say to the kids.  Riley sucks in her breath, anticipating disaster before she even begins. Seth leans over to me and whispers, “I think Riley needs to do some ‘Om’ work  before she starts her homework.” He puts … Continue reading

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Focus Wheels

The last two weeks were tough. Riley could not shake the feeling of being behind, after missing ten days of school to go get her service dog. One of the ways we were able to move forward was by using the focus wheel exercise depicted … Continue reading

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No Contrast No Expansion

Contrast = Expansion Contrast = Expansion Contrast = Expansion When I remind myself of this, I feel better. When I can look at any problem, anything getting under my skin, and imagine it as the cause of my further expansion, … Continue reading

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Teaching Each Other Who We Are

Every traffic light was red. We got to martial arts late. Riley maintained calm. She walked in. Ran to the bathroom to wash her hands(she’d had a snack in the car), then joined the class in progress. This was big, … Continue reading

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No really, you shouldn’t have!

I’ve started and deleted several blog posts lately. In the middle of writing, I’ve looked at my own words and asked, “What is your intention here?” I am a staunch believer in Law of Attraction. What you focus on gets bigger. Sometimes focusing on … Continue reading

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Segment Intending

There is a process in the book Ask and it is Given called Segment Intending. Basically it consists of breaking your day up into segments and setting intentions as you go about your business. Getting in the shower is a segment. Drying off and stepping … Continue reading

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