No really, you shouldn’t have!

I’ve started and deleted several blog posts lately. In the middle of writing, I’ve looked at my own words and asked, “What is your intention here?”

I am a staunch believer in Law of Attraction. What you focus on gets bigger. Sometimes focusing on what I don’t want; that annoying situation or person right in front of my face, is sooo very tempting.

I could be really witty about it. Everyone would agree with me. It’d make a great story.

But is this what you want more of in your life? I ask myself.



It isn’t.

No matter what situation I’m presented with, there is another way of looking at it. Many ways of looking at it. Those who challenge us, cause us the most growth.

Thank you situation/person for the expansion! You shouldn’t have!  

I don’t know how it is all unfolding, but I do know when you focus on what you do want, and spend less time worrying about what you don’t, things have a way of working out. 

They really do.

Now, what is it I do want….? Let’s see. Let’s see. Ah, yes.  

Pardon me, while I pivot in that direction.

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8 Responses to No really, you shouldn’t have!

  1. Jerri says:

    You are better at this than anyone I know, and your reminders to yourself help me pivot, too. Thank you.

  2. Carrie Link says:

    Thanks for the pivot.

  3. Amanda says:

    Usually I can pivot right there with you but sometimes, sometimes when it really bugs me, it just keeps ducking under the wire and pops up right there in front again. any bright ideas for that?

    Dizzy, Highlands

  4. MO'N says:



    If you want more evasiveness in your life, keep focusing on it!

    ; )


  5. Julie A says:

    I recently found your blog (LOVE the 4PAWS entries–I’m a early childhood special education teacher and find it fascinating) and am also a believer in the law of attraction. Your entry came at just the right time (surprise, surprise)



  6. fullsoul says:

    Thank you Julie! Glad you stopped by!

  7. kario says:

    I would read this right after I get off the phone with two insurance companies, the bank, and my dentist’s office trying to straighten out the mess someone made that is costing me thousands of dollars….

    Thank you. I’m off to meditate on what I am grateful for!

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