My Journey to the Abraham-Hicks Hot Seat

When Seth was just a few months old, an acquaintance asked me if he was named after “Seth,” of the Seth books. I had no idea what she was talking about, but I looked into it, and the first Seth book I read was Seth Speaks. A woman named Jane Roberts, from Elmira NY, very near my hometown, had an ability to “channel” a being named Seth, and her husband wrote down every word of those sessions. At first, the material scared me.  I’d read a little. Feel a tad freaked out, and put it down. Channeled stuff? Come on. Give me a break. Then again, I had read A Course in Miracles. That was otherworldly too, and it was so beautiful.
I kept going back to the Seth books, and every time I did, I felt such peace. Such oneness. The message in those books is one of deep love, and soon I didn’t care who wrote it. You see. I’ve had so many questions my entire life. The Seth books had so many answers! 
To me, the Abraham-Hicks material is very much the next progression of the Seth stuff. A woman named Esther Hicks makes contact with a group which calls itself Abraham. Abraham is neither male nor female. It is pure positive energy. It is a teacher. It never asks for money. It never requires you to sign up for anything. No tithing. There are books and CD’s to buy if you wish, workshops to attend, but the info is available for free on line to anyone who wants it.  It isn’t a religion. It isn’t a cult. They don’t advertise. They rely on Law of Attraction to distribute the information to those who are seeking it. They never prosthelytize. Their last several books have become best sellers in the self-help genre. Greedy producers skimmed the top off of Abraham’s teachings to make the hit film The Secret. They also left out the deep spiritual elements Abraham speaks of. But whatever. Those who are wanting it will find it.
So, the Alaskan cruise we went on in July of 2008? It was an Abraham-Hicks cruise. You’ve got a few days to do all your sightseeing while at port, and on the sailing days there are Abraham workshops. A couple of hours in the morning, and again in the afternoon. Abraham is called in and the audience is allowed to ask questions. They say no question is off limits. I was thrilled to be there, and I had a million questions(mostly about Riley and autism and why!), but having endured the disappointment of raising my hand to no avail at a previous day-long seminar I’d attended, I had made up my mind I wasn’t going to try. I admit I had a teensy bit of doubt. Just a teensy one. What if all these people with their questions are planted in the audience? I pushed that fear aside and decided to just enjoy the day and learn from whatever I heard. Afterall, the message is the same no matter the situation. I was there with my sweet husband. We were on our first real vacation as a family. All was well.
During the first break in between sessions, Todd went to check in on the kids in the childcare, and I went back to our cabin. I think I was going to grab a sweater or something. It was the first day of the cruise. I had just ten minutes. For some reason, I sat down and turned off the light. I found myself in the pitch black, going back to a meditation I used to do when Riley was three and tantruming, where you rise above the battlefield. I floated through space and time with her, looking in her eyes, holding her hands, pure love back and forth between us. In the past, I’d used this meditation as a tool. A way to not throttle her, but this time it just came to me and I stayed with it and enjoyed it. I wasn’t there out of escaping a crises. At the very last moment before I opened my eyes, I heard myself say, “Riley, if there is something you need Mommy to know, I’ll raise my hand.” 
I walked back into the auditorium, and found my seat. Todd came gliding in, sat down next to me. He smiled, the kids were fine. Esther Hicks came out, got into Abraham mode, walked right to the edge of the stage and as my hand went up, along with hundreds of others, she pointed at me and said, “You’re the one.”
To be continued:  
Click here for part II
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  1. Claire says:

    Oh Michelle, how exciting – I can’t wait to read more….

  2. Dawn says:

    That’s just wrong….leaving us hanging. I can’t even blog about how mean it was until I deal with technical issues hounding my own site. Waiting on baited breath….

  3. Dawn,
    Thank you for clearing that up! I was worried about you!

    : )

  4. What an experience! Looking forward to the rest of it!

  5. Linda says:

    Please don’t leave us hanging! I have a couple books and I’m really really trying to get through them.

  6. Carrie Link says:

    I am so glad you’re sharing this story!


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