Be Kind.To You.

“The surest way to disconnect from Who You Really Are is to find a reason, any reason to criticize yourself. It’s almost as bad to criticize others, but the very worst thing you can do is criticize you, because it flies in the face of the most powerful Love that Source flows.”


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7 Responses to Be Kind.To You.

  1. Wanda says:

    oh shut up…

    she said, knowing that this is exactly what she needed to hear

  2. Amanda says:

    Had to read that twice — 3am start with a bouncing Bear — now I feel better.

  3. Lolly says:

    Not so!

    While God loves us for who we are, he/she also wants us to use the original material we were given to make ourselves better!

    We were not made perfect, thus we must strive to understand our shortcomings while we are on this earth, and work to become better beings.

    This does not mean we shouldn’t love ourselves as we are.

    We are all works in progress. That’s how God intended it to be.

    God also gave us the ability to look at ourselves critically, and understand where he thinks we need improvement.

    If we fail to do that, we aren’t using the gifts that God gave us to live our best lives.

    Bible verses can be used for whatever purpose we need at any given time.

    The challenge we all face is to look ourselves in the mirror every day, and ask ourselves, did we do our best today? If not, how can we do better next time?

    The other challenge we face is not to beet ourselves up because we didn’t do our best on any given day.

    We are human, and by the esential meaning of the word, we will succeed and fail. That we do both is a testimony to our humanity and God’s love for us.

  4. fullsoul says:

    Self awareness, and reflection are different than self criticism.

    You are entitled to your opinion Lolly but I hope you’ll forgive me for continuing to see you as perfect.

    ; )

  5. redheadmomma says:

    Thank you for the reminder, Michelle. There seems to be an awful lot of reminders like this in my life lately, and it is a lovely thing that is not going unnoticed. Happy new year 🙂 XO

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