Segment Intending

There is a process in the book Ask and it is Given called Segment Intending. Basically it consists of breaking your day up into segments and setting intentions as you go about your business.

Getting in the shower is a segment. Drying off and stepping into the bedroom to get dressed is a segment. Herding the children through getting dressed/hair brushing/face washing is a segment.

It takes practice. I look forward to the day I will go more than an hour or two remembering to segment intend.

Homework is often a landmine in our house. Riley’s anxiety runs high, and she’s already tired. This evening, I remembered to set my intention as we transitioned into the homework segment.

I am going to be happy, no matter what.

Without even thinking, I said, “If you two get through homework, with no fussing, I will do a crazy chicken dance for you.”

They flew to their respective stations. His in the dining room, hers in the kitchen.

As they got to work, I said from the other room, “I sure hope at least one of you fusses, because I do not want to do a crazy chicken dance! That would be so embarrassing.”

They dug in, with delighted expressions on their faces.

At one point, Riley started to ramp up.

“Riley? Are you about to fuss? I sure hope so!”

She ramped it back down.

We went over Seth’s spelling words and I begged him to fuss just a little. He would not.

Next we reviewed for Riley’s science test.

“One little fuss? Please?”

She wasn’t budging.

When they finished everything, I did my dance.

The craziest chicken dance you can imagine, and then something really embarrassing happened.

I laid an egg.

You see, as they were finishing up, I actually took an egg out of the fridge, and put it in the back of my undies. I danced ’til it fell out the bottom of my shorts, dropping on the kitchen floor and cracking.

The crowd went wild.

intended to be happy.

We had a wonderful evening.


*No chickens were harmed in the writing of this blog post.

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22 Responses to Segment Intending

  1. Amanda says:

    Oh that was hysterical even in the retelling! You are a truly mad woman after my own heart!

  2. goodfountain says:

    gosh, I love it! you are hilarious.

    I need to do this segment intending thing. especially for the segments of the day that need some more … intention.

  3. Georgia Peach 311 says:

    Hillarious and poignant! 🙂

  4. pixiemama says:

    OMG. LMAO & all that. You, my friend, are a wonderful mother.


  5. Niksmom says:

    OMG, I think I just laid an egg from laughing at this! You are wacky and brilliant! Love it.

  6. Jess Wilson says:

    Absolutely priceless!

  7. Riversgrace says:


  8. Jerri says:

    I can only repeat: Brilliant.

  9. KC says:


  10. Mercurious says:


    And I thought I was a wacky parent.

  11. kyra says:

    that is a riot!! i absolutely LOVE YOU and your crazy chicken dance!

    by the way: i started watching the dvds you lent me and i’m loving them! thank you!!!

  12. Mammatalk says:

    Now, that was lovely! So glad you turned the evening into a positive one. Love the Hicks books. Gotta remember the chicken egg up my sleeve trick (Ahem!!)

    Visiting from Blog her! Followed you over from my ad to yours!

  13. Yes! You are amazing! Wish I could come up with stuff like that – and actually pull it off!

  14. GoMama says:

    Pure, unadulterated genius!

  15. Wanda says:


  16. Karen says:

    Michelle, you are my hero! Thank you for your inspiration… your wit, your honesty… thank you for sharing it with all of us.

    I laughed out loud with the thought of the egg hitting the floor and the sheer happiness that you created for your family.

  17. Deb says:

    So funny! Thanks for making me laugh, too.

  18. Cathy R. says:

    I KNOW i love you!!

  19. elizabeth says:

    YOU are an amazing mama. That is just hilarious.

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