Seth’s Manifestation of His Puppy

One of the biggest regrets I had when I stopped blogging was not having the opportunity to share Seth’s puppy with you.

Back in September, I did put up a piece about it over at my friend Betsy’s Autism Law of Attraction blog. Seth is the most positive person you are going to meet. No coincidence he’s also amazing at manifesting his heart’s desires.

Anyway…I hope you enjoy the story of Seth’s manifestation of Yippee.

They are one happy pair.

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8 Responses to Seth’s Manifestation of His Puppy

  1. No, Michelle, I am not considering a Chihuahua. I can barely spell Chihuahua.

    But I did love the post. I cried at the “I thought I was dreaming” line. And I may not want to the dog, but I want to be like Seth when I grow up.

  2. Michelle O'Neil says:


    I am visualizing you with your funky little Chi bag, and a white Chihuahua named Michelle, but you can call her Bell as a nickname after the Beatles song.

    She and Yip can marry, and we’ll be the best in-laws.

  3. To all those reading comments: I actually called Michelle as soon as I read her reply and insisted she immediately CEASE all Courtney/puppy visualizations. I appreciate good energy out in the world on my behalf, but please, not of the canine variety. (That goes for you, too, Ms. Link!)

  4. amber says:

    he is so stinkin’ cute I can’t stand it.


  5. Niksmom says:

    Yep, what Amber said. TOTALLY.

  6. Kim says:

    I hadn’t read that piece back in Sept and it made me SMILE just now when I read it. Oh my, what a lucky kid he is to have awesome parents like you guys, and how lucky are YOU! I want a Seth! He is adorable. I too was a big dog girl, grew up with a lab and then Brittneys…and now we have a little 20 pound dog…and I LOVE him. Go figure.

  7. Carrie Link says:

    LOL, Courtney!!!

    NEHBM of the hat.

  8. mom says:

    I love the picture and the “story of Seth and Yippie”

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