Pinterest and the Law of Attraction


You kind of have to do it to really understand it. Basically you can take whatever images appeal to you and post them to different boards(of your creation), and categorize the boards anyway you want, and create really cool and inspiring collections. You can lift just about any image off the Internet to do it, and it links back to the site, thus crediting the source and driving traffic their way.

I’m new to it. Just joined last week, but I am loving it. To me it is one big vision board. One big pretty place, where people pin their dreams. It’s heavenly.

According to Law of Attraction, you get what you focus on. So if you are focusing on the pain and suffering of the world, you are creating more of it. Not to say you shouldn’t note the world’s dark side, and help in whatever way you can, but often we don’t. Often, we just wallow in the pain part and worry about the awful, thus creating more of it.

Pinterest is a place to focus on what pleases you.

It’s a little nook where it is okay to dream. And you get to glimpse at and be inspired by other people’s dreams. And it just keeps expanding and expanding and expanding.

And did I mention it’s pretty?

It is. So, pretty.

I love that people are pinning, dreaming beautiful dreams. Focusing on what interests them. I love the idea of a never ending vision board. I love all those hearts singing.

It makes me feel hopeful and happy. 

*Photo I pinned on the “Beautiful World” board I created, on Pinterest. Seth on the beach in Playa del Carmen. Happy, happy.

6 thoughts on “Pinterest and the Law of Attraction

  1. It’s addicting! But it’s so fun. And I’ve gotten great craft ideas and recipes from it. So it’s not a total time waste.

  2. I too have my own vision board and I have to say it really works so I recommend you all to join in the fun of creating your whole life through your own personal vision board.