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Take Your Head Out of the Sand

When Riley was three, I was attending a weekly meeting to discuss A Course in Miracles. I’d found the book a couple of years prior, and dabbled. I felt better every time I picked it up and read a little. … Continue reading

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Brain on Fire

I recently read Brain on Fire:My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan. It is about a young woman working as a reporter in NYC, who suddenly shows signs of psychosis. She spends over three weeks in the hospital experiencing mania, … Continue reading

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Spare Me Your Concern

The other day, I started reading a book recommended to me by a friend. It’s about an autism mom’s journey with her son. And before I could get very far, right there in the preface, she spoke of the poor … Continue reading

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Hiding Dietary Supplements for Children in Foods

It wasn’t until last year that Riley could swallow capsules and pills. For many years our mornings and evenings were spent grinding supplements and medications with a mortar and pestle, and mixing them in food and hoping our kids wouldn’t … Continue reading

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100% Huggable

I am feeling moved to write about the Berard Auditory Integration Therapy Riley received when she was little. When I have those little winks to share something, I tend to think there is a reason. This little baby was debilitated by certain … Continue reading

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Helicopter Mom

It’s not that there is a shortage of things to write about. There are always a million things going on, only a teeny portion of which ends up here on the ole blog. Finding time has been the challenge. Doing … Continue reading

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She Even Bought Me Breakfast!

What does author, mother of three girls with autism, and autism advocate Kim Stagliano have in common with the guys in the Cleveland cover band Almost Famous? Besides fake Slash’s curly hair? Both were on Fox News this morning. It … Continue reading

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A Better Day

No phenols in 24 hours and an extra long soak in epsom salts and Riley is a new person today. Happy. Playing. So engaged, dancing to Alvin & the Chipmonks in her room. Not one tear. Not one scream today.     Trying not … Continue reading

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It Might Be the Juice

1:48 AM and I’m up because I need a fucking cup of tea. It’s a crutch in times of stress. Not the tea, the swearing. Wiped out, I went to bed at 10:00PM and tried to sleep. It didn’t take, because my … Continue reading

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Elementals Living

Recently, I spent an evening in Peurto Rico with two love birds. Betsy is mom to three children, one of whom is a teenage boy with autism. Her husband John is a physician who uses holistic biomedical therapies to help kids on the spectrum obtain optimum … Continue reading

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