Staying in the Race

In one weekend, Riley took a promotional exam in martial arts, went to a birthday party unaccompanied by me (for the very first time!) and ran a huge 5K race with Girls on the Run. She even fell during the run,scraping her hands and knees but got back up and kept going. She paced herself and stayed in the race.

Today was a hard day for her. I had to drag her kicking and screaming to school(after determining it wasn’t a safety issue causing her distress). She wound up in the sensory room for half the day. Sometimes it feels like such a roller coaster. My tendency is to fret about it. Second guess things. Analyze what went wrong and try to prevent it in the future. Meanwhile, Riley is whooping it up, giggling with her brother downstairs. I mean, get with it! That whole meltdown business is so this morning. Such a long, long time ago.

This is one of those moments when I must look at my darling daughter, whom I adore, and put a little space between us. Trust her to work it through. Know she is going to come out okay. Know we all are.

Hiding in my room.

Pacing myself.

Staying in the race.

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10 Responses to Staying in the Race

  1. *m* says:

    “The race is not always to the swift, but to those who keep on running.”

    Hang in there.

    5K is quite an achievement, esp. with a tumble in midst of it. The picture at the top is priceless!

  2. Lydia says:

    I feel like I’ve been saying the following a lot recently. I will say it again anyway.

    You GO, Riley!

    And this: I’m so proud of her! What a weekend! She got through it with only one melt down this morning to show for it? That’s as well or better than I could do on a weekend that busy, and I’ve got a few years on her!

  3. drama mama says:

    Wise words.

    And kudos to the jeune fille, who is really moving and shaking!

  4. I love that picture, nail polish and all! Go Riley! You inspire me.

  5. What amazing accomplishments! She is truly a wonder.

  6. Wanda says:

    Good job, Mom. Pace yourself, indeed.

    And just look at those dimples!

  7. Amanda says:

    Not just me then….analysing, picking it all to bits, where did I go wrong, what did I do?

  8. Amanda says:

    Sorry, comment interrupted by chicken coop construction duties – Way to go Riley! 5K race is more than I could do right now (that’s why I just did my gym induction – see? you’re influence is crossing the pond!)

    I think a wee Meltdown Monday’s allowed after all that hard work. 🙂

  9. kario says:

    It would be great if, as adults, we could hold on to that plasticity of emotion – letting ourselves melt down one moment and then forgetting about it and moving on later in the day. I wonder when we start to lose that?

  10. Carrie Link says:

    I need a LOT more distance, myself. I’m so quick to react/fix/respond/etc. I don’t wait to see if things will work themselves out.

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